How Prime Social Group is Becoming a Key Player in the Festival Circuit

Spring has officially sprung and which really means, festival season! It’s the time of year where we all start wearing less and going out more. Brutal winters force people inside for a long time so when spring finally comes people are hungry for music festivals, as bears to deer. A newer party brand to look toward is Prime Social Group offering plenty of beats to eat up until next hybernation season.   

The biggest names in hip-hop and electronic music will make their appearance throughout the Prime Social Group 2019 festival circuit.

Following a strong 2018 run, Prime Social Group resumes to stand with the big dogs. It’s flagship event, Breakaway Fest will be rocking in Michigan, Ohio, Carolina and it Tennessee. This being the sophomore affair in Music City it truly becoming a staple event. 

Check out the exciting linups for each installment of Breakaway Fest 2019. 

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Enjoy our playlist that showcasw the sounds that make up Breakaway Fest 2019.

With stacked lineups and great locations throughout the Midwest and South, Prime Social Group events prove to be growing in stature and making a lasting impression within the electronic music scene by really connecting a lot of souls across the hip-hop and electronic music cultures and providing high quality production. Scope out the remaining Prime Social Group events, pick up your tickets and keep up with their latest announcements via the social media handles linked below. 

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