PineHaven Finds the Sweet Spot for his Future Bass Release, ‘Tell Me’

Minnesota DJ and Producer, Dillon Haugland aka PineHaven is a modern-day Renaissance man. Whether he is crafting gritty bass-driven tracks, radio-friendly synth leads, dark in your face trap, he has a track that will satisfy anyone’s musical taste.

PineHaven‘s ability in FL Studio 11, his preferred DAW of choice, knows no bounds and is sure to lead to a bright future in the music industry. At just 21, with a stylistic sound that is all his own, support from various labels and fellow producers alike and a highly-anticipated debut EP, he is on an upward trajectory that will leave a mark of EDM as a whole. Today we present to you his ‘Tell Me’, released on Simplify. records.

Working with future bass elements and catchy vocals by Lilianna Wilde, PineHaven’s ‘Tell Me’ brings on sunny vibes.

‘Tell Me’ PineHaven ft. Lilianna Wilde

It’s still cold here in the bay area, but this song makes me feel like dropping the top and taking a cruise. The melodic beat has a subtle tempo fluctuation to it that that is very satisfying.

The beautiful vocals by Lilianna Wilde create a unique futuristic sound that will catch everyone’s liking. ‘Tell Me’ has a laid back flow the keeps your attention without being overpowering, while the lyrics hit home with just about everyone who has a heart.

This perfect combination of sounds provides a treat for the ears and a great way to improve your mood.

Listen to PineHaven’s ‘Tell Me’ ft. Lilianna Wilde: 

Also, take a listen to his future trap single that is climbing the charts, ‘Come Alive’.

‘Come Alive’

Listen to ‘Come Alive’: 

Keep an eye on when he will be releasing his debut EP and show your love by following him on his social media handles linked below.

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