16 Tracks Put the Party in Full Effect With Our Party Trap Wobble Mix [Playlist]

party trap wobble playlist
thatDROP.com Party Trap Wobble Mix

Go get your shinebox before this playlist kicks a mudhole in your afternoon.

This electric hamburglar of party trap is bustling with neck-snapping, stank-face wobble bombs that will make your block unlivable.

With 16 tracks featuring Creaky Jackals, 8Er$, Flosstradamus, KRNE, Party Thieves, Russ Trap, and more, you best be prepared for your face to be blown back.

Listen to our Party Trap Wobble Mix below.

Party Trap Wobble Mix Playlist

  1. Buygore – Steeze (Creaky Jackals Rexix)
  2. Spag Heddy & Anny Yvette – Hide
  3. Travis Scott & Young Thug – Skyfall (RL Grime & Salva Remix)
  4. Jahsta – System (8Er$ Remix)
  5. Flosstradamus & TroiBoi – Soundclash
  6. Get Em – Exotic
  7. The Blvck Hvnd – Gangster
  8. Wiley ft. God’s Gift – And Again (Doshy vs. Bleep Bloop vs. The Originalz Remix)
  9. Levi Whalen – Through Your Eyes (Carbin Remix)
  10. KRNE – Dollar Sines
  11. Structure – Time to Get Trill
  12. G Jones – Wickedest Sound (Toadface Remix)
  13. Eliminate – Pyramid
  14. Tomsize – Trap Life
  15. Party Thieves & Drean – W.T.F
  16. Bastille – Pompeii (Russ Trap Remix)

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