Ookay Says ‘Suck It’ To SoundCloud, Releases VIP Of Drake Remix

SoundCloud is notorious for taking down songs left and right if they do not meet their copyright regulations, which is fairly strict. The most common occurrence of a song being taken down comes in the form of unauthorized remixes.

Ookay had his original “Hotline Bling” remix taken down by SoundCloud, but said ‘suck it’ to them and recently released the VIP of the remix.

Ookay tell SoundCloud to 'suck it'.
Ookay tell SoundCloud to ‘suck it’.

The original remix was up on SoundCloud for a month or two and accumulated a large amount of plays and downloads before it was taken down. Further, it’s been a staple in just about every set since it’s release.

This VIP remix of this Drake song is unique in a sense that the vocals on it are actually the Kidz Bop version of “Hotline Bling.” Whether this was done as a joke or to evade the SoundCloud police, I am unsure.

However, the VIP drop of this song is absolutely crazy – in the best way possible and really elevates the already great track by Ookay to the next level.

"Hotline Bling" VIP by Ookay
“Hotline Bling” VIP by Ookay

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