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Ookay’s Ghost EP is now available through Dim Mak Records.

Ookay continues to make a name for himself with his bass heavy trap and highly engaging social media presence.

After teasing us with new tracks at festivals across the country, the release of his latest EP Ghost is officially upon us.

Today, Ookay dropped his original 5 track compilation through Dim Mak Records.

We had the chance to speak with Ookay at Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando just days before the massive release. The young talent spoke to the importance of staying true to himself and and not boxing himself in with a specific sound or pursuit.

His Ghost EP is an embodiment of those thoughts. Featuring more melodic pieces, Ookay continues to exhibit the work he is putting in to refine his production skills while still keeping the energy at an all time high. Ghost is all over the place (in the best possible way).

Hard core, bass heavy trap? “Flume-like” chill tracks? More progressive bangers? You got it all; and they are all sick.

Definitely worth of having that permanent spot on your playlist. The EP is now available for purchase on iTunes and Beatport.

Be sure to listen to Ookay’s Ghost EP below.

Ghost EP Tracklisting

  1. Ookay – Ghost
  2. Ookay – Egg Drop Soup
  3. Ookay – Drop Et Agen
  4. Ookay and Riggi & Piros – Dafuq
  5. Ookay – Matters

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