Oliver Koletzki B2B Oliver Schories @ Pleinvrees [Full Set]

Oliver Koletzki B2B Oliver Schories @ Pleinvrees [Full Set]
Oliver Koletzki B2B Oliver Schories @ Pleinvrees [Full Set]
Two German Olivers teamed up for a legendary B2B set at Pleinvrees in Utrecht, Netherlands in February 2015.

Producers and DJs Oliver Koletzki and Oliver Schories pooled their talent to throw down an absolutely killer 2 hour house set.

For those who don’t know what a B2B set is, it’s when two DJs join forces for a set and alternate tunes (or sets of tunes) to create a “back to back” set. When done right, B2B sets can be absolutely groundbreaking – melding each DJs style to create something new thats seldomly experienced.

B2B sets can be fresh, new, and a complete showcase into each DJs skill and style.

Case and point: Oliver Koletzki and Oliver Schories’ B2B set at Pleinvrees in Utrecht.

Koletzki and Schories dominated their performance with steady flowing house grooves that move flawlessly to create an overall masterpiece that’s sure to get any dance floor moving.

It makes sense, though, as each artist is at the top of their game after having deeply immersed themselves in their craft for years.

Oliver Koletzki has been producing music for well over 2 decades and first achieved major success with his underground techno hit, “”Der Mückenschwarm”, in 2005. As a DJ, producer, label owner, and more – Koletzki has been a mainstay in the German underground dance music for years.

As for Oliver Schories, he has a similar story. After immersing himself in electronic music in 1997, he grabbed a set of turntables and a stack of house records and familiarized himself with the craft of DJing. The 2007 record, Minimum & Maximum EP, was a key to Schories’ breakout success after the album received support from major artists. Since then, the Hamburg local has continued to do what he does best – make music.

Overall, if you’re looking for an B2B set with some chill house vibes to get down to, look no further than Oliver Koletzki and Oliver Schories’ performance at Winkel van Sinkel in Utrecht. It’ll throw the glow back into your dancing soul.

Listen to Oliver Koletzki and Oliver Schories’ B2B set below.

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