Nora En Pure Dives to the Core of Indie Dance and Deep House

At the core of indie dance and deep house music, Swiss based DJ, producer and musical maverick Nora En Pure is someone who connects dots between different and disparate sounds, styles and scenes with ease. Representing the Helvetic Nerds with the finest in indie dance and deep house music is Nora En Pure‘s Purified Radio.

photo credit Nora En Pure

Within this episode you will get to hear music that spans from deep house and indie dance artists from all around the world.

The featured artists include Swiss DJ EDX, London’s own Duke Dumont, Netherlands DJ Funkerman, Switzerland producer Daniel Portman, French DJ Solomun, Brazilian Tenth Column and this mix closes out with Kidnap Kid. The full tracklist is listed below.

Listen to Nora En Pure’s Purified #064: 

Full Tracklist:

  1. EDX – We Can’t Give Up
  2. Nora En Pure- Waves
  3. Nora En Pure & EDX (Remix) – Hear Me Now
  4. Daniel Portman (Remix) – Solstice
  5. Funkerman – Silhouet
    (Time 27:42)
  6. Nora En Pure – Fever
  7. SYAP – Good Stuff Piano
  8. Duck Dumont – Worship
  9. Solomun (Remix) -Mygut
  10. Luthier & Tenth Column – Soul Reborn
  11. Kidnap Kid – Where The Sea Swings In Like An Iron Gate

Still vibing? Then dive into another hour of Purified Radio featuring more worldly talent to discover like Time, Zoo BrazilDompe & Agent as well as more from Nora and EDX.

Full Tracklist:

  1. Time – Bird
  2. Ferreck Dawn & Robosonic – Old Dollars (Extended Mix)
  3. Moguai & AkaAka – Satisfied (Me & My Toothbrush Remix)
  4. Zoo Brazil – Sand (Original Mix)*
  5. EDX – Bloom (Instrumental Edit)
  6. Dompe & Agent! – Sultan (Original Mix)
  7. Aevion – Journey (Oliver Heldens Remix)
  8. David Aurel – Somewhere (Original Mix)
  9. Nora En Pure – Tears In Your Eyes (Original Club Mix)
  10. Vlanda Asanin & Joe Red – Losing You (Original Mix)
  11. Teser – Duo (Original Mix)**
  12. Lane 8 – March Of The Forest Cat (Original Mix)
  13. Nora En Pure – Diving With Whales (Extended Mix) *Listener’s Choice **Pure Discovery

Learn more about Nora En Pure through our exclusive interview. Follow the deep house Duchess through the links below.

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