New Trap Sensation, TheUnder, Talks Making Hits, Kanye West & 2020 Plans

Universal Pictures’ Hobbs & Shaw was a monstrous hit in Summer 2019. Helping lead the wave for the box-office blockbuster’s success was the film’s leading song “Fight,” by the newly discovered Los Angeles recording artist, TheUnder. And with the star-studded global introduction quickly resonated in streams and fans instantly inquiring about who this emerging star is. And with that exposure, he allows the music to speak for him.

TheUnder captured an audience bringing versatility to the Trap, Hip Hop, and Pop landscapes. A former rock band frontman, he took his great penmanship and transition into heavy hip-hop beats and catchy, anthemic pop records. With huge horns, dynamic synths, and memorable top lines, he paints an aggressive picture of sound that takes listeners on an epic ride. TheUnder’s late-2019 release, “Ready or Not” spread like wildfire throughout L.A. infectious underground scene and placed the new star at the center of attention leading into 2020.

Featuring Eriel Indigo, “Ready or Not” is a deeply diverse Trap, Hip Hop, Pop infusion with thick rock history. A heavy dance vibe that displays the amazing chemistry between the two rising stars. It’s a song that firmly plants TheUnder in the limelight with everyone curious on what we can expect from the new star moving forward.

Today we get an answer through a thatDROP exclusive interview. Shown below, TheUnder speaks on his recent success, who inspired him personally and musically and what the future holds.

How did the idea for a rougher sound come about creating, “Ready or Not?”

When I was first making the track I wanted something that really hit you in the face in a way that makes you a little uncomfortable. I think the lyrical idea of “Ready or Not” just flows naturally from that. Eriel hit it right on the mark and she added just what the song needed to finish it off.

On “Ready or Not,” what is the main message you hoped to get across to fans?”

It’s all about being free and going against the grain. Not conforming to what everyone else is doing. Just because something you want to do might be hard for some people to understand isn’t a reason to not do it. It doesn’t matter if they’re ready for it. You are.

Available now via Riptide Music Group, stream TheUnder’s “Reday or Not”:

Who are the artists that currently inspire you and your sound?

Kanye West, all day, every day. He doesn’t care what people think and he doesn’t hold back. I think this song does a good job of drawing from that attitude.

What was your favorite venue you have played and why?

Love The Brooklyn Mirage. The open-air concept makes you feel like you’re playing in Ibiza or somewhere other than a back alley in Brooklyn. The staff, along with all the high-end food choices and amenities makes it one of the best US venues.

Listen to TheUnder’s “Fight,” “Rage,” and other popular songs:

Any advice for rising artists in electronics?

Experiment. Don’t chase others. The world doesn’t need another one of your favorite artists, but you can learn from them. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, but don’t put out the same exact wheel. Be bold and do something unique.

What are your plans for 2020 for TheUnder?

I’ve got tons of plans for collaborating with both new & established artists. I’m really excited to get into sessions with them and see what works. There’s a lot of great music to be made – I’m lucky to be a part of that.

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