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Mysteryland 1993
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Yesterday is history

Pacarquin Mostazal, Chile and Floriade, Haarelmmermeer were the sites of the 20th annual  Mysteryland, the longest running electronic dance music festival from the Netherlands. The first was held at the Midland Circuit racetrack in Lelystad, Netherlands and as you might expect, it has come a long way from the four performer show over two decades ago.

In 2011 the show took a giant leap in the world as they launched their first international campaign in Chile and haven’t stopped there. The Dutch masterminds -ID&T- behind this successful music paradise keep making history as they were the first to acquire a permit from the landlords of Bethel Woods New York, which we all know is a historical behemoth in and of itself as it was the site of the iconic 1969 Woodstock Music Festival.

Many may argue this fact thinking that the 1999 Woodstock concert was held at the same location as ’69, but in actuality “the day the music died” took place 200 miles away from its original location giving ID&T the honor to host an event there on the 45th anniversary of Bethel Woods ’69. To set the record straight on many other documented facts, the Huffington Post (press partner) decided to write an article titled “13 Things You Didn’t Know About Woodstock“.

Today is a Gift

Mysteryland 2014
Photo via Mysteryland

Having to walk a mile in the giant shoes of it’s predecessor, Mysteryland and the company  behind it consider themselves  “…pioneers in the electronic dance music experience” and with 20 successful years under their belts, ID&T is confident that Mysteryland USA ’14  won’t be an exception. With more than 5 stages and a stellar lineup, Bethel Woods New York is ready to host this generation’s free minded, life loving souls and promises to have a feel for the past as the modern age beat lovers attempt to recreate their own version of the historical event and bring the music back to life. Selling out some of their ticket packages already, it is expected that the entire event itself should soon sell out.

Why ID&T?

After many international promotion companies attempted to acquire special permission for a large-scale event like this one, why the Dutch? When asked about it, Darlene Fedune (CEO of Bethel Woods Center for the Arts) said:

We chose ID&T’s Mysteryland brand as the first modern era festival on the hallowed grounds for its belief in many of the same principles as our own organization. Creativity, unity, social responsibility and a focus on the “experience” of the guest. We are delighted to be working with an experienced festival creator and an organization of such high core values. We look forward to welcoming our Mysteryland guests to our wonderful bucolic and peaceful setting here at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, the site of the 1969 Woodstock festival. We can’t wait to greet them!

Many may say that this statement has surely made other event companies a bit uncomfortable and may argue that they too share those same core values.

Tomorrow is a Mystery

Mysteryland main stage
Photo via Mysteryland

Only three short years after achieving international status, ID&T reaches another major milestone in their history. Already being a giant in its culture, this company looks like it has set the foundation for their future and have nowhere to go but up. But what does tomorrow’s world hold in stock for these music pioneers? In a land of mysteries it is hard to tell, but as of now it seems like a sensational life in color is in order for the colossal entity that is ID&T.

Mysteryland Trailer

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