Lee Bates, known to most of us as MUST DIE!, has made a name for himself through his impressive music. While he wasn’t initially on the lineup, Moonrise Festival released a last-minute announcement surprising dance music fans with the news that he would be playing at the event.

Bates has a versatile style, spanning many genres like dubstep and electro house, as well as drum and bass.

Bates is a very innovative artist, who is skilled at crafting music that continues to amaze his fans. His music has received support from some of the dance music scene’s biggest acts, like Zomboy and Excision.

photo credit via MUST DIE!’s Facebook

Many of his best tracks combine futuristic synths and striking melodies with glitchy hooks.

On ‘Animal Parade‘, Bates does just that, impressing fans with a track that is all about its high-energy and unique sound effects. This is a certified banger.

Resist‘, an ode to the widespread discontent during the 2016 election season, channels that angst as Bates serves up an intense dubstep anthem meant to inspire a sick moshpit.

His notable track ‘2020 AD definitely pushes the envelope. The underlying melody is reminiscent of the theme music you might hear playing in a video-game. Bates pairs it with two insanely explosive hooks, giving fans around three minutes of pure, dubstep-bliss.

MUST DIE! has definitely proven himself to be a talented DJ and producer, and we can’t wait to see what his next big move will be.

Catch MUST DIE! at Moonrise Festival 2017 by grabbing your tickets here.

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