Connect with Leaders within Passion Industries at WORLDZ

If you are an Artist, Content Creator, Marketing Manager, Entrepreneur, Influencer, Executive or CEO, then the WORLDZ 2-day experience in Hollywood, California on July 31 and August 1st is designed for you. You will be swimming in an ocean of opportunities by getting to mingle with more than 70 passion-industry leaders, CEOs, Senior Managers, Influencers and Artists.

The mission of WORLDZ is to connect, educate and inspire tomorrow’s leaders in both their personal and professional lives.

CEOs and Founders will elevate their leadership development, Marketers will learn piercing strategies to  differentiate their brand, Content Creators will uncover new ways to build their audience, Entrepreneurs and Influencers will expand their network and ignite new thinking, Executives will gain insight on marketing, content, design, communication, future-proofing and business development.


The WORLDZ community consists of more than 70 industries with a focus on the “passion” industries driving culture.

Passion industries addressed at WORLDZ 2017

The culture and community this event cultivates is designed to unite rising stars with leading CEOs, CMOs and Icons.

The curriculum at WORLDZ is built around three actionable tracks to improve your business, brand and life. The first track is, Creative Innovation, which will be addressed with knowledge around content creation, storytelling, influencer partnering and creativity reignition.

The second track is, Strategy; there will be lessons around digital marketing, experiential brand extension, social media engagement and audience measurement. The final track is, Social Impact, which will be addressed through discussions around leadership development, mobilization for cause, tactics for resilience and public speaking mastery.

CEOs, Senior Executives, the world’s foremost performance coaches and icons will facilitate the lessons and discussions around the three tracks.

Tony Hawk Speaking WORLDZ 2016

With WORLDZ, there is this two-way communication. We’re not just speaking AT people – we’re speaking WITH them. -Tony Hawk

WORLDZ citizens will be taught by top executives from Vans, TED, iHeartRadio, Vice, Burton, The New York Times, Red Bull, Marvel, 21st Century Fox and other influencers like Olympic gold medalists.

Every time I came out of a room, I had a connection. –Martina Suess, Director of Global Communications, Wunderman

Taking all that into consideration, it is easy to see how WORLDZ will help you expand your network and advance your career and forge meaningful relationships with leaders and innovators both within and outside of your industry. You will also walk away from the experience in tune and benefiting from the latest breakthroughs disrupting business and culture and learn growth hacks from the most influential companies in the world.

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