Why Music Festival Apps Are Your New Best Friend

Bonnaroo App
Bonaroo App

If only festivals were as simple as buying a ticket and heading out to the grounds. Between pre-sales or scrambling last minute to find a ticket, sorting out transportation and accommodations, and many more obstacles, getting to a festival can be more than stressful. Not to mention once you have arrived, there’s the task of figuring out who you want to see, when they’re playing, what stage they’re playing and where that stage is- not to mention, what if, GOD FORBID, two artists you are dying to see are playing at the same time.

This past year, EDC Las Vegas had eight different stages. Bonnaroo this past June literally had thirteen different stages, tents, and events happening at once.

That’s where the beauty of the music festival app comes in.

Bonnaroo’s dynamic app comes equipped with GPS technology that allows you to pinpoint your exact location in the festival. Gone are the days where you have to describe your location to your friends by the trees around you. You can even connect with your good vibe tribe via Facebook on the app, and be able to see the exact location of all your friends.

Hard Summer App
Hard Summer’s App helps you plan your ideal lineup

Music festival apps are becoming increasingly more common, making life easier for fest heads far and wide.

Beginning on Friday thousands of people will find themselves navigating Lollapalooza’s eight different stages with ease through the use of their app, #lolla. This app comes complete with bios on the different artists and links to their YouTube and Facebook accounts.

It also has a feature that allows you to curate your ideal lineup and save it in the app, so you know exactly when and where you’re seeing your favorite artists.

This coming weekend I’ll be heading down to southern California for Hard Summer. I discovered the Hard Summer app when I learned that I could view the lineup through the app before it would be released online.

It is quite similar to Lollapalooza’s in that I could create my ideal lineup for both days. I spent about an hour going through, looking at the biggest set time conflicts (What So Not and Floss at the same time…) and weighing out who I wanted to see.

Overall, the ease of having this application at my fingertips takes a lot of stress out of the planning and execution of my weekend, and I’d highly recommend looking into any applications for your last few summer festivals.


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