Mr. Carmack’s Trap Music Prowess Earns Him an Invited to Bass Center X

Mr. Carmack has just been asked by Lorin to join him at Bass Center X. He will set the table for Bassnectar on Sunday, September 3rd at the Hampton Coliseum. To be put on such an admired platform to perform he could not be more grateful. Let’s get to know this man Bassnectar thinks so highly of.

Mr. Carmack will bring trap music and more to Bass Center X.

One of the more unique traits about the Hawaiian native, Mr. Carmack, is that he represents himself. Also, he hopes to find understanding and knowledge through experiences.

Mr. Carmack ‘SIMPLER’

For the selected track, ‘SIMPLER’, Mr. Carmack shows us the quality of trap music he can lay down.

Mr. Carmack‘s music ranges wide but has stronger emphasis on house, drum and bass, hip-hop, trap, electro, progressive, bass, funk, classical, and synthpop.

Mr. Carmack says his music will…

make you dance, make you feel, make you crave, make you sad, make you think, make you jump, make you love the way I do

Listen to Mr. Carmack’s ‘SIMPLER’ below:

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Check out the full lineup for Bass Center X below: 

Bass Center X
Bass Center X Lineup

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