Herobust Masters Infusing EDM With Rap For His Filthy ‘Vertebreaker’ EP

Herobust has made quite the explosive entrance into dance music ever since he busted out onto the scene with his first released EPI’m Aloud, which featured fan favorite tracks like Skurt Reynolds, Dirty Work, and Smother Shit.

Sometimes it is hard for new artists to compete with their initial successes but Herobust clearly had no such trouble. Just last month he released his latest arsenal of tracks, the new ‘Vertebreaker‘ EP, and it’s just plain filthy.

Break your neck with Herobust’s new EDM with rap roots EP, ‘Vertebreaker’.

Herobust - Vertebreaker EP
Herobust ‘Vertebreaker’ EP

Herobust‘s new ‘Vertebreaker’ EP dropped last month on February 8th via Mad Decent. Hayden Kramer takes a unique approach to bass music by creatively taking tracks and making them “busted.” Hayden describes the Herobust sound style of “busted” as, “It’s going to be hard. It’s going to be weird, and it’s going to have that dirty south swag.”

On this new ‘Vertebreaker’ EP, Herobust has some songs that tie EDM with rap vibes, as he has added more of a hip-hop influence to his music.

Some of these busted tracks play as EDM bangers, while others have Hayden Kramer rapping and singing over the track.

“It goes hard at the rave. It goes hard in the whip. I always try to push the boundaries of bass music, but this time I really wanted the rap vibes to shine through as well. For those of us who think EDM has been missing some swag, the answer is here – the Vertebreaker EP.” – Hayden Kramer aka Herobust

‘Vertebreaker’ EP Tracklist:

  1. Vertebreaker
  2. Dirt Heater Tea
  3. Heavy Meddle
  4. Move Mint
  5. Status Busted
  6. Just Dawn Hue

Listen to the ‘Vertebreaker’ EP by Herobust below:

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