Mr. Carmack Teams up with Promnite to Jaw Dropping Results with “FDT”

Both of these top producers are known for their bombastic sound – converging somewhere along the lines of hip-hop, dub, trap, EDM, and R&B. They are also both unsigned even though they have distributed tracks through various groups like Mad Decent, etc.

Thankfully, these two producers combined forces to create this jaw dropping track “FDT”; it is the perfect banger to blast anywhere and at anytime.

Mr. Carmack live via
Mr. Carmack live via

Right at the beginning of the track, Mr. Carmack & Promnite begin with claps that slowly dive into a rumbling bass drum met by punctuated horns and a scattering trap snare/hi-hat combo.

Promnite via

Thrown in at the end of this intro are some Brazilian drums under neath whistles and a Brazilian rap.

The second drop happens again, and here both Mr. Carmack and Promnite cater to the trapstep crowd heavily. This section ends with the destruction of a saw tooth synth grinding the sound down, until the Brazilian whistles chirp it to bring it back.

The song goes by too fast as it clocks in just shy of 3 minutes. It is a masterfully produced tune, one that would get anyone bumping out of their seat.

Buckle up, and listen to Mr. Carmack/Promnite’s new jaw-dropping track “FDT” below:

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