Lido Drops Explosive Track “Crazy” off his Forthcoming New Album

Lido has been a mad man as of late and is taking 2016 by force.He recently dropped “The Life Of Peder” which was his mini mix style remix of Kanye West’s “The Life Of Pablo”. Currently prepping for his tour, Lido has dropped “Crazy” off of his forthcoming new album. This is a pure arena anthem track.

Lido Live via
Lido Live via Facebook

“If you take the love away from me… I go crazy” – these are the first words you hear on the track.

The vocals are thrusted through a robotic talk box glittered with autotune.

Right when the vocals say “I go crazy” Lido throws everything he’s got at you.

However, he doesn’t let it last. Heavy accented bass kicks are surrounded by orchestral swells engulfed by backing vocals. It pulls away from the loud bombastic sound, but the intensity is there as the backing vocals take the front seat.

Once this section is complete, Lido begins layering the two sections together. A robust pulsing click keeps the track moving forward as he pulls in more sonic layers, starting with the percussion.

As the main vocals come back, the synths whine and swell underneath the melody. However, Lido pulls away the robotic mask on the bridge at 1:49.

The vocals are crystal clear, and this becomes the real highlight of the track. The soul of the track is evident here.

Lido ebbs in and out the hypnotic horns, and throws in swelling, filtering synths. As he begins to build back up this section, he trickles in some more added sound effects. Just when you think he’s ready to pull us out, the vocals come back only with vibrant electronic keys pulsing underneath. Then, the bells toll.

The last 30 seconds are insane, as he throws everything at you – and it works. It’s a heavy drop, and one that begs for way more.

“Crazy” is a must listen and you would be just that, crazy, if you didn’t give this track a listen. Lido is poised to take 2016 by storm, and doesn’t look like he’ll stop anytime soon.

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