Most Effective Ways to Get More SoundCloud Listens

If you use SoundCloud as a tool to share your music with the world then you definitely need a good strategy for how to make the most of this site. If you don’t have one stick around for useful and productive tips on how to get your music more listens, as that’s what it’s all about at the end of the day, right?

SoundCloud is a fabulous social media sharing platform for musicians at all stages of their career, but you need to find a way to get noticed amongst the many thousands of others who all have the same ambitions as you. What they won’t all have is your drive and determination, so harness that and get focused on making the most of these ideas.

Use a bargaining tool like SoundCloud Followers

This is a free to use site which works by you posting your music and then trading a free download of a track for re-posts, likes, shares or whatever it is you feel you need to bring more attention to something. This is a great way to get noticed and naturally boost the number of organic SoundCloud listens you rack up.

Get featured by influential bloggers

This is a longer-term strategy as you need to devote time to contacting potential bloggers with samples of your music, and give them time to respond. Many will be extremely popular so your submissions need to be amazing and well mixed, pretty much ready to go in fact. Target bloggers who suit your musical style to avoid wasting time, and always keep in mind that there should be some benefit for the blogger. This could be in the form of them attracting more quality fans themselves through the promotion of your work, or similar. Make sure your submission contact email is targeted to them specifically – nobody wants to feel like they are just one of a dozen being approached – even though everyone knows that is likely the case. If you struggle to get anyone to accept your work look for the smaller blogs to get started, as they probably receive fewer submissions.

Invest in polishing your tracks

If you don’t have the equipment look at a paid service which will help or even do this for you. Good quality recordings are vital if you want people to listen, and to come back for more.

Connect your social media platforms

If you are not cross-posting your work to YouTube and using Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or whichever of these you already use to share links, back stories and details of your music you are missing out on a lot of potential listeners. Do make sure you can maintain connections created on these sites though, as if you can’t respond to comments and questions you risk damaging the hard work already done.

These are the basic ways to start boosting those listening stats on your SoundCloud account, so by incorporating as many as you can into your new strategy you should soon see the benefits as more and more people learn about and listen to your music.