Minnesota Frees The Bass For This Glitch-Hop Banger

This Throwback Thursday brings me to recall a single from 2011 by Minnesota named, ‘Purple Daze’. This track released through Tycho Records is full of energy and has an enduring bass to fill you up.

Minnesota throws down an infectious glitch-hop banger, ‘Purple Daze’.

Minnesota ‘Purple Daze’

The build up gears you up to let loose and properly teases the dirty drop, that I still can’t get enough of after 6 years… The beat cuts out for a moment leaving you wondering if the song is over, then you get slapped in the face with a long wave of bass. With his unique style and the support of Madison House he has earned slots on huge stages, such as last year at Bass Center.

You will find Minnesota blasting his dubstep and glitch-hop at festivals around the nation this summer.

For starters, he will be performing at Euphoria, Sonic Bloom, Electric Forest and Oregon Eclipse. Also, if you are in Seattle on April 15th make sure to attend his show with Shlump at the Nectar Lounge, the bass will be absurd. Follow the rest of his tour by clicking here.

Listen to Minnesota’s ‘Purple Daze’ below:

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