Mersiv’s Imprint, MorFlo Records Releases Throw Down, Vol. 1

MorFlo Records is ecstatic to present its fifth Compilation Album, “Throw Down, Vol. 1.” This brand new compilation series is divided into two segments: Slow Down and Throw Down (similar to Mersiv’s live sets). ‘Slow Down’ is reserved for the melodic, ethereal, downtempo, psychedelic sounds, while ‘Throw Down’ is focused on the loud, high-energy, heavy freeform anthems. Slow Down released March 31st, 2023, and Throw Down is was just released. 

Throw Down Vol. 1 [MorFlo Records]
The album boasts an eclectic curation of 13 tracks from 19 artists, each bringing their unique style and sound to the collection. From the mesmerizing and heavy tonality of “Floret Loret,“ to the abstract wonks of “Aweminus,” to the vivacity of the sounds of “HEYZ,” to the hard-hitting and experimental sounds of “Xaebor,” this album is set to captivate a broad audience with its wide variety and depth. There’s even a track from label founder, “Mersiv,” that will set the tone of the whole album.

Throw Down takes the listeners on a high energy roller coaster ride through a variety of auditory soundscapes, with a cohesive and captivating flow of forward-thinking freeform bass music. As the electronic music scene continues to evolve and expand in 2024, this compilation album stands out as a celebration of the scene’s diversity and creativity. Throw Down is perfect for anyone who loves electronic music or for anyone who is looking for something new and exciting to add to their playlists or live DJ sets.

Full Tracklist: 

  1. Mersiv & Seth David – Jump 
  2. Flozone – Down 
  3. Floret Loret – Suneater 
  4. Ujuu & Wiley – BMT 
  5. Jalaya & bd hbt – Departure 
  6. Aweminus – Go Home in a Coffin 
  7. Shanghai Doom & DAIZY – Facedropper 
  8. XaeboR – LOWFREQ 
  9. HEYZ – The Riddim (Not Riddim) 
  10. Jaenga – Bass in the Trunk 
  11. Kyral x Bank & ELEVATD – TIFU 
  12. Komuz – Dome Splitter 
  13. So Sus & ADAME – The Count 


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