Meet One More Time: A Tribute to Daft Punk [Exclusive Interview]

Today we get to share One More Time‘s story ahead of their fully immersive experience within Convergence Station’s, The Perplexiplex with a warm up set by Boyhollow

One More Time teases with details of the upcoming Meow Wolf Denver run, tells us about their origins, what they are capable of doing as robots and more in our exclusive interview. As for breaking news, One More Time just added a second night for Meow Wolf Denver after selling out Friday.   

One More Time at Meow Wolf Denver

Thursday Night Tickets to One More Time at Meow Wolf Denver

One More Time shares their knowledge of Daft Punk, their story, what they are capable of as robots and more in our exclusive interview.

photo credit KOA Creative

What are some of your capabilities as robots?  

“We are able to walk and move amongst humans, move our bodies into different poses as well as recognize our own limbs and environments we encounter. We use music frequencies to communicate with humans.”

What are some of Daft Punk’s career highlights and influences on One More Time that you all would like to shine light on?

“A lot of our influences stem from the music era of the mid 90s. Heavy grunge rock with flourishes of late 90s house rave music. We done many exciting events over the years that include EDC and other “surprise” performances. Chances are, if you saw the robots performing, it was probably us!”

One More Time at EDC Las Vegas
One More Time

When was One More Time born?  Where are you from?  

“Assembled in the early 90s, but became self aware around the Phoenix and San Diego area in the earliest of our career.”

Please tell us all about One More Time’s first set.  What were some pivotal and interesting moments along your music journey so far?  

“The idea naturally happened by accident around Halloween of 09’. The set was straight forward daft punk mixed with blog house and heavy electro to shake that room.

Since then, our set evolved as dance music progressed over the years. Our set is ever so changing down to the event day. We give the nostalgic album and live performance feel with our modern twist.  Our earliest memory have been the most exciting as we were a brand new concept to this dance music industry.

We remember stepping out to the audience for the first time, and everyone actually thought we were the REAL robots.”

One More Time in 2015 photo credit Ben Goldfarb

What is the mission of One More Time?

“To carry the legacy of our robot predecessor on! Give humans an experience they can no longer receive, and to Teach humanity to robot rock!”

Can you share some fun facts about One More Time? 

“We are robots connected to a hive mind AI. ROBOT 1 (gold) was the first robot to become sentient and created robot 2 ( silver).”

How are you preparing for your performance at Meow Wolf Denver?

“We got some fun brand new surprises in-store that we are premiering. So eyes to the stage as we get ready to step back into the GRID one more time!”

One More Time

Meow Wolf Denver will be the spot this winter with an unparalleled dance music lineup and atmosphere.

The coming weeks brings 2-nights of The Polish Ambassador with Morillo, a proper tech house party with the Brazilian Beltran (elrow) and ChaseWest (Revival), the progressive melodic duo Sugar Nova with Sexbruise?, an alternative set Early Eyes with deep house from Trash Panda as well as the world-renowned EDM producer, Mura Masa, from the British island of Guernsey.

Meow Wolf Denver Winter Calendar

photo credit Meow Wolf Denver

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