Mersiv Presents Legion Of Boom EP

Cred. Mersiv & Wakaan

Mersiv returns with Legion Of Boom on Liquid Stranger’s signature label WAKAAN, recruiting a high-end cast of Colorado acts for his Legion Of Boom EP. Each song on this bass heavy behemoth features collaborations with Wriza, Killa Nova, Opalyte, and Chill Bobby, and ushers in the boom of thunderous sounds we’ve come to respect from Mersiv’s genius “Pretty Dark Loud” edge in bass.

Cred. Mersiv

“The Prologue” acts as the ushering into Legion of Boom, starting slow but menacingly into the unrelenting sound design and twisted bass sustains of Sub.mission alumni Wriza. In parallel to Mersiv, the two build the song into an atmospheric groove piece that sets the stage for the rest of the EP.

The second track “Go Down” builds on the ashes of the last track witha lengthy intro to get listeners in the mood for what comes next. This track is reminiscent of the bouncy, old-school dubstep vibes of previous bangers like “Get Crazy,” and recruits the talents of Houston-raised producer Killa Nova. Full of sustaining bass and drum, this track is to be enjoyed in full, to explore the depths of sound design.

Mersiv and Opalyte take a synth-based and melodic detour on “Ultimate Dragon,” which begins slow, accompanied by a repeating vocal line as it builds a euphoric journey into the drop. “Ultimate Dragon” combines Denver’s Opalyte’s astral dubstep style with grungy bass licks.

The EP wraps up with the track “Drop That Beat,” featuring former “Beautiful & Filthy” collaborator Chill Bobby. This closing track has Chill Bobby slapping in stylistic bars in between intensely motivated bass lines. One has to groove with this cleverly produced banger.

Cred. Chill Bobby

Legion of Boom serves as a sample platter as a testament to the diversity of Mersiv’s truly unique style and adds to the acclaim of his MorFlo Records collective in Colorado.

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