Premiere: Legendary Voice of Trance, Linney Offers a Melodic House Single, ‘Garden’

A prominent voice of piercing trance tales, the Los Angeles based Linney has been stepping out of the studio more and more lately with live performances at EDC Las Vegas 2022, A State Of Trance LA, Nocturnal Wonderland 2022 and Electric Zoo alongside legendary producers and now spinning into her own project.  Following Linney’s recent debut original ‘Run to the Forest’, today brings the  premiere of ‘Garden’ via Helix Records, a driving melodic house dance floor weapon that shoots flowers.

Linney – Garden [Helix Records]
Linney explains: “Garden is about how much you’d do for the one you love. It started as a chorus melody that sings, “Come to the garden darling, I will wait for you / Here I will sit ‘til morning like true lovers do.” When I first wrote it, it almost felt like I was casting a spell, asking the beloved, will you fight for me? Or will this love end before it even begins? Will you find me? Because I know what lies ahead. Ultimately, the song became an invitation to be loved.”

Linney Interview

She goes on to add: “The chorus of Garden is actually a record I recorded for the Linney Vocal Pack on Splice. It’s been a popular sample on the platform and the pack itself received 55k downloads within the first two weeks of its’ release. The Splice pack has allowed me to share my melodies and lyrics with people around the world. And over the last few years, it’s been a joy to hear how this work has inspired other artists and their songs. This particular vocal has been used multiple times, most notably Emily Nash’s version that Radio 1 named “Hottest Record in the World” earlier this year. Finishing the song (adding original verses, new harmonies + more) has been a way to reclaim my voice. I feel as though I’m fulfilling a promise to myself by releasing the song in its entirety.”

Her collaborations and projects are in heavy rotation with some of the world’s largest audio streaming and media service providers, including Sirius XM BPM and Spotify, where she now boasts over 12 million listeners, a 1500% increase since 2019, with 42 million streams and counting. We got a chance to hear from the rising star alongside today’s premiere where we pick her brain on the best dance music tracks, relive her sets at EDC and EZoo and explore some of her famous features from Armin van Buuren’s A State of Trance 2020, Fortnite, Riverdale (The CW), Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Netflix), Ghosted: Love Gone Missing (MTV), and Fortnite.

The only question that really matters this weekend, what are you going to be for Halloween? 

A forest fairy.


Good call. What songs did you perform at Electric Zoo and EDC Las Vegas this year?

Electric Zoo: “Young Hearts” with MIME & “In My Dreamz” with Champagne Drip

EDC Las Vegas: “Electric Kids” with Tritonal & “Wake Me Up” with MaRLo (Aviici Cover)

What are 5 tracks you feel are at the forefront of dance music right now?  

A wonderful selection, Meaux Green’s remix of Party Favor’s ‘In My Head’ comes highly recommended as well.  Here is to putting a Linney DJ set into the air and to her continued progression.


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