All Day I Dream Mainstay Tim Green Releases Eastbound Silhouette

Following his single earlier this month, Tim Green returns to Lee Burridge’s All Day I Dream label, releasing his mini-LP, Eastbound Silhouette, with focus track ‘Tears’. An uplifting collection of six tracks, the mini-LP serves as Tim’s largest body of work on All Day I Dream to date.

All Day I Dream

Layering angelic vocals and percussion, ‘Water Steers’ creates sonic calmness before crescendoing into an energetic climax, arousing excitement for what’s to come. Continuing to utilize minimalistic percussion, ‘Lune’ sees optimistic notes flutter over Tim’s enduring drum pattern. A sense of curiosity arises as the pulsing melody is isolated about half way through the song, only to be answered by a comforting assurance, as Tim concludes with the same drum pattern that the song opens with. The title track rounds out the LP, a melodic soundscape featuring vocals from Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Felicia Douglas. The lyrics are touching – “Clouds rest / To clear up the sky / In my view divine / You’re there.” As the intensity of the melody increases, so does the feeling of euphoria.

Regarding the project, Tim said: “I’m extremely excited to have this release come out, what I think of as a Mini-album! Six tracks which I hope take the listener on a mini journey! Some dance floor, some more home listening. But it’s an honour to be back on All Day I Dream, a place I call home and my family.”

Tim Green has shown his mastery across the spectrum of electronic music, releasing alternative pop music under his Invisible Minds moniker, techno under his APIR moniker, and brighter, organic house under his own name. On top of launching his own imprint, For a Memory, Tim has releases with an impressive repertoire of labels under his belt, including Sven Vath’s Cocoon, Sébastien Léger’s Lost Miracle, Dirtybird, Get Physical, and Lee Burridge’s other imprint, TRYBESof. Tim is no newcomer to All Day I Dream – first contributing to the label in 2020, Tim has since been included in multiple VAs, released his Vacation to Life and The Moss EPs, and been called to remix Slow Hearts’ ‘Eyepads’ and Lee Burridge’s ‘Satellite Girl’.

For those who have been following the ADID 2022 World Tour this summer, a new Tim Green release on the label will come as no surprise. Unreleased IDs from the record have been played at the iconic events by ADID mainstays such as Lee Burridge, Sébastien Léger, and Tim himself. A frequent performer on All Day I Dream’s 2022 World Tour, Tim has played at the inaugural All Day I Dream Festival in Northern California, All Day I Dream of New York Glow, All Day I Dream of Ibiza Allure, All Day I Dream of Denver Dazzle, & All Day I Dream of Montreal Magic.

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