[Premiere] Melodic Dance Music Producer, Ruff, Spins a Beach Set

The New Jersey kid taking care of melodic dance music lovers or Ruff lands on thatDROP’s platform for a Sunday evening live stream.  A beach side set from Cape May, New Jersey at Higbee’s Beach, a great environment for his selection.  Off to a great start in 2020, his debut release, ‘Self Sabotage’, Ruff works with Will Sparks; renowned label out of Australia, Teamwrk Records and esteemed talent MIKEY C & Lila McKenna.

Then there is rework of Beaver’s ‘Love Yourself’ with Diffrnt that drew support from a monster artist, R3HAB. His latest release ‘Reason’ is in collaboration with Robbie Rosen from American Idol.  His new radio series The Dawg House punches the tempo up with very club friendly hitters.  Catch his set with us and the beloved New York label baseline, tonight at 8 PM ET,  while enjoying our artist discovery interview and exploring his fresh discography inspired by the likes of The Chainsmokers, Lost Kings and Gryffin.

Ruff on the Record

What are some aspects of the rave culture that you like?

The emotion you can pour into the music whether that’s as the artist/DJ or even as a concert-goer, there is just something special about dance music that is unlike any other genre.

If you could break one world record, what would it be?

I would have to say having the world record for the fastest mile would be a pretty cool record to hold.

Are there any local artists or party brands people should keep an eye out for?

Deerock, Wyle, LODIS, Over Easy, & MC4D have all been absolutely killing it this year!

Who are 3 artists that have been inspiring you lately? What about their style draws you in?

NOTD, Gryffin, & Lost Kings are all huge inspirations of mine since they are all geniuses at blending elements of dance and pop together so flawlessly.

How was it working with American Idol, Robbie Rosen? 

Robbie is the best! This the second record he’s sung on with me and the third we’ve written together.  He is one of the most talented singers and songwriters I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

The best Chainsmokers song?


Favorite food and place in New Jersey?

Nothing beats the Lobster House here in Cape May! 

Where did this live stream take place?  

Cape May, New Jersey at Higbee’s Beach.

When will the next single be released? 

Very, very soon! First week of May.

Ruff Online: 

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