Starting off as Drum&Bass producers from London and Hannover, Maximono have moved into the tech house scene causing all sorts of chaos with their ‘no rules’ mix of bass music, hip hop, jungle, trap and even oriental beats. Constantly pushing boundaries and exploring sounds, spaces and scenes, Maximono are hitting the biggest labels in the game (Cuff, Dirtybird, This Ain’t Bristol) creating grooves, mixing beats and turning dance floors into their very own wild paradise. 

Lately the duo created an explosive, exploratory exclusive mix for Dancing Astronaut.

Maximono Dancing Astronaut Mix

Listen to Maximono‘s Dancing Astronaut mix below:

The mix opens up with one of their new singles ‘She Twerk’. The original is off their freshly released 3-track EP, Bust A Move on This Ain’t Bristol. The EP is what This Ain’t Bristol’s is stating:

These three impeccably engineered creations are the strongest by the duo and belong to the most forward thinking tunes out there. Convince yourself and rinse these beauties!

Starting off the EP is ‘Bust A Move’, which is riddled with dynamic effects, from spacecraft sounds to funky guitar riffs, that bounce over a deep bass line. Following, you will get to fall into ‘She Twerk’ again, a track that will make you lose yourself at the cheeky hours of the morning. Rounding off the forward thinking EP is, ‘On The DL’, built to escape the normal sounds of today.

Listen to Maximono’s Bust A Move EP now:

You will be able to find much more amazing sound being grown at the beloved This Ain’t Bristol.

This Ain’t Bristol

For instance, make sure to pick up their VIP Selections featuring Maximono, Marc Spence, Billy Kenny, Kyle Watson and more, as a free music download. Once you hit play, its as if a switch turns on in your head, opening up the gates, allowing euphoria to drip.

Take a listen and download This Ain’t Bristol’s VIP Selections below:

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