MaRLo’s Tech-Trance Live Sets Plaster Smiling Faces on Bouncing Souls

MaRLo (real name: Marlo Hoogstraten) is a Dutch-born producer from Australia. His signature sound, known as the “The MaRLo Sound”, is made of tech-trance, hard-trance, and big room sound. He has become one of the standout artists on the powerful Armada label with hit after hit. His latest release is called, ‘Falling Down’.

‘Falling Down’ incisively cuts to the core of what trance music-lovers want long before they know they want it.

MaRLo & First State ‘Falling Down’

As Armin van Buuren states, “MaRLo knows how to program the best lead sounds.” The Extended Mix of ‘Falling Down’ reveals a darker side of the track that is built of all minor-chords evoking suspense and mystery. The mysterious and suspenseful builds makes this version exciting and better suited for controlling festival and club crowds.

This edit is sly, driving and forward thrusting. The dramatic build-up to the chorus on the Extended Mix is powerful and unmistakable. MaRLo recently unleashed the Extended Mix of ‘Falling Down’ at A State of Trance 800.

Enjoy witnessing ‘Falling Down’ in full bloom as MaRLo throws down a magical tech-trance performance at ASOT 800.

The energy he generates during his sets has been palpable enough to develop a cult-like following. His following has grown quite a bit after performing at major festivals like Tomorrowland Belgium and EDC Las Vegas. He just left performing at the Gorge Amphitheatre for Paradiso a.k.a The United State of Consciousness.

MaRLo at The Gorge Amphitheatre for Paradiso 2017 photo credit MaRLo’s Facebook

Now with so much support, he will be hosting his own Altitude events throughout the rest of the summer around the world in Melbourne, Sydney, Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur. It will be exciting to watch him continue to grow. 

photo credit MaRLo’s Facebook

Let’s take a look at how MaRLo’s set at Tomorrowland Belgium plasters smiling faces on a sea of bouncing souls with his powerful trance music.

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