Andrew Rayel’s New Album is Flawless, Inspirational and Powerful

Keeping the trance torch well lit is Andrew Rayel and Max Vangeli with their satisfying single, ‘Heavy Love’ released on the Armind (Armada) label. The cut is from Rayel’s astounding new studio album, ‘Moments’.

‘Heavy Love’ is built of emotive chords and rich vocals melding with glorious synths.

‘Heavy Love’ by Andrew Rayel & Max Vangeli feat. Kye Sones

The radio edit for ‘Heavy Love’ warmly introduces uplifting trance music to pop lovers that are unfamiliar with Rayel and Vangeli’s festival dominance. Through Kye Sones‘ alluring pop influenced vocals bursting at the intro and horns that add a dynamic force, ‘Heavy Love’ will make pop music lovers fall head-over heels for electronic music.

The lyrics are simple yet powerful. The music is uplifting, heavy, elemental and inspirational, evoking an undeniable urge to celebrate life, unity and perseverance.

Listen to ‘Heavy Love’ by Andrew Rayel & Max Vangeli feat. Kye Sones: 

Here is what Andrew and Max had to say about creating ‘Heavy Love’: 

Max and I are good friends. When we made ‘Heavy Love,’ it felt totally natural and effortless because we vibe so well together. I’m really excited for this new song! The crowd reaction has been amazing whenever I play it in my sets. I can’t wait to see how far we can take it! – Andrew Rayel

Andrew’s a great friend and producer and creating ‘Heavy Love’ was a magical moment for me. We’re both from Moldova and there’s something special about two people with similar roots collaborating on music that’ll be heard around the world. There was instant chemistry the first time we performed together and we carried that energy into the studio the next day. I’m very proud of this song and I hope everyone loves it! -Max Vangeli

Now that you’ve had a sample of Andrew Rayel’s new album ‘Moments’, it is time to enjoy the entire masterpiece.

Andrew Rayel ‘Moments’ released on Armada

Listen to Andrew Rayel’s album ‘Moments below:

The whole album is flawless as Rayel tells a story through piecing, unstoppable, ferocious and magical music. Here is what Andrew Rayel comments about his sophomore album:

To me, music is about the connection between creator and listener. It’s about sharing personal stories with the people who’ll see them for what they truly are. With ‘Moments’, I went above and beyond to strengthen the connection.

I wanted to translate sixteen of the most important, special and unique moments of my life into an album, hoping you and I can make them last forever. Tracks like ‘I’ll Be There’, ‘My Reflection’ and ‘Lighthouse’ are all part of the journey that is this album and I am so proud of all the moments I can share with you through its singles. I simply can’t wait to have them define our ‘Moments’ on the dance floor.

Full tracklist:

01 Moments
02 I’ll Be There (feat. Eric Lumiere)
03 All Systems Down (with KhoMha)
04 Connected (with ATB)
05 Once In A Lifetime Love (feat. Kristina Antuna)
06 My Reflection (feat. Emma Hewitt)
07 Forgiven (feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn)
08 Heavy Love (with Max Vangeli feat. Kye Sones)
09 Home (feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn)
10 Take It All (with Jochen Miller feat. Hansen Tomas)
11 Let It Be Forever
12 Back To The Moment
13 Lighthouse (with Christina Novelli)
14 Never Let Me Go (feat. Angelika Vee)
15 Tacadum
16 Winterburn (with Digital X & Geert Huinink feat. Sylvia Tosun)

Throughout the album you will appreciate Andrew Rayel’s classically trained touch to trance music.

The Moldovan DJ and producer is often referred to the “modern-day Mozart” and Armin Van Buuren has hailed him “the future of trance music.” You will be able to find Andrew at the world’s biggest festivals such as Ultra Music Festival in Miami, TomorrowLand in Belgium, Stereosonic in Australia, Global Gathering in the UK, Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, Electric Zoo in New York and many more international festivals.

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Andrew Rayel Love at Tomorrowland Belgium photo via Tomorrowland

Enjoy Andrew Rayel’s set at EDC Las Vegas 2017.

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