Mark Farina Sets the Tone for STS9 on New Year’s Eve

To culminate Sound Tribe Sector Nine’s 4-night-run in Denver, Colorado this New Years Eve, Mark Farina will lay down his signature Mushroom Jazz set. Originating with influences from hip-hop infused jazz instrumentals, Mark develop a new wave of sound back in the 90’s that will fit perfectly for the atmosphere Tribe carefully curates for the Fillmore.

STS9 New Years Eve w/ Mark Farina Mushroom Jazz

Mark Farina grew up in the golden age of house music in Chicago, becoming nurtured by Frankie Knuckles sets. Hence, you can trust he will put on an authentic and raw set. His rare fusion of jazz, R&B, hip-hop and electronic music is fun, warm and welcoming, perfect for any pre and after-party. Once you walk through the Fillmore’s doors, the wondrous experience begins. His set will be at 9 o’clock, so show up ready for the full journey of the evening.

After growing up in Chicago, Mark moved to San Fran, where Mushroom Jazz began as a cassette tape series and coincided with the Acid Jazz era. While San Fran scene was driven by darker house, mushroom jazz grew in the dark, as mushrooms do.

Enjoy a discography of Mark Farina’s Mushroom Jazz.

Mark Farina Mushroom Jazz

Beyond his Mushroom Jazz experience he offers pure house sets, so when he has enough time he will bring his sound full circle. You may get a taste of his house music on New Year’s eve, as all his sets are well mediated but also very much off-the-cuff based on how he reads the room. Enjoy his set from Shambhala to give you more of an idea of his spectrum.

Mark Farina @ Shambhala Music Festival

We look forward to sharing more about Mark Farina and his GLA Recordings after his opening set through an exclusive interview and photos from the occasion. Pick up your ticket to the NYE show. For now take a peek of how STS9 went at the Fillmore in 2017.

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