Marbs, The Desert Hearts Secret Techno Weapon [Full Set]

After catching Marbs during the Desert Hearts showcase at Sonic Bloom this past Sunday I am now going on tour! I dug up his set from Desert Hearts Music Festival on Los Coyotes Indian Reservation in California this summer and more music from the family for you all to enjoy.

Marbs dropped bombs on the dance floor during his Desert Hearts set this year.

Marbs Desert Hearts Set

Listen to Marbs live at Desert Hearts:

Here is what Marbs mentions about his music:

There’s always something special in the air when we let our hair down behind the Desert Hearts DJ Booth. This year was no exception for me. A lot of emotion and hard work lead up to this year’s DH. The heavy tour schedule, as well as scaling back to one festival per year, magnified the importance of this Desert Hearts to our community. It was the usual reset that it always provides to us. That moment when all there is IS the moment. Well, here’s that moment for me, when everything disappears. I’m very excited to be able to release this Live set and my heart is full as I share this experience with you. Thanks to everyone who danced and celebrated together. You have no idea how much it means to me.

Full tracklist:

1. Insects (Original Mix) – MarcDePulse & Several Definitions
2. Nightwalk feat. Amber Long (Original Mix) – Jonas Saalbach, Amber Long, Hacker & Miethig
3. Midlight Lady (Original Mix) – Makanan
4. Future Stroke (Original Mix) – Luca Donzelli
5. Illusions (Original Mix) – Jiggler
6. Birds (Original Mix) – Chris Main
7. Ayahuasca (Luis Martinez Remix) – Giuseppe Cennamo
8. Good Times (feat. Isis Salam) (Original Mix) – Lars Moston
9. Rifle (Niko Schwind Remix) – Dakar
10. Snapp (Original Mix) – Danny Serrano
11. See Section (Original Mix) – David Museen
12. This Way (Mark Jenkyns Remix) – Kreature
13. Destroy This Track (Original Mix) – DJ Pierre, Carlo Lio
14. Modmatrix (Original Mix) – Arjun Vagale
15. Dimension 6 (Rob Hes Remix) – UNER, Rob Hes
16. Closer (Original Mix) – We Ourselves & Us
17. Out of Control (Original Mix) – Channel X
18. I’ll House You (Kalyde Remix) – Raffa FL, Kalyde
19. What I Do (Original Mix) – Shombo
20. Shape Your Dreams (David Scuba Remix) – Mr. C
21. Synthetic (Original Mix) – Skapes
22. Analog Filters (Original Mix) – Joeski
23. Signs (Original Mix) – Fancy Inc.
24. Saturated Static (Original Mix) – Josh Brown
25. The Dancer (Original Mix) – Ben Remember
26. All Day (Original Mix) – Jaden Thompson
27. She (Original Mix) – Marco Loco
28. Cupcakes (Original Mix) – The Squatters
29. P.I.M.P. (Original Mix) – Mihalis Safras
30. Don’t Touch My Stereo (Dakar Remix) – Alvaro Smart, Dakar
31. Raw (Original Mix) – White Label
32. What the F**k (Santé Remix) РRoland Clark
33. Natural Blues (Sidney Charles Remix) – Moby

Now that you are hooked on those appealing Desert Hearts vibes. Listen to this compilation of music from more of the family.

Check out the rest of the Desert Hearts tour below:

Desert Hearts Tour

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