Madison House Signs Free Form Artist, Templo

A brand new artist on the Madison House roster is Templo. The downtempo, bass music and free form producer is a neccessary edition to any festival´s lineup. His recent EP Space Trash VOL 2 is a heavy composition of bass music that’s refreshingly unpredictable and available as a free download.

Templo makes a point to start things off with “Wizard b2b Ghost”. The track quickly transitions into a weird and wobbly bassline that leaves a lasting impression for listeners. Animalistic sounds and mysterious dialogue combine as a cohesive unit. It’s a full force of wonky bass that sets the tone for the wild ride of Space Trash.

The next track “Rough..” takes similar composition from the first track and enhances the components twofold. The basslines get weirder and the drum sequences more raw in nature. The tempo has a life of its own, creating a whole new hop. The buildups lead you into an unknown galaxy of uncharted territory. With little to be desired, “Rough..” is a perfect transition to our favorite tune on the project.

“Vert Tribute” is a stellar composition and an example of what bass music is all about. It’s a track that we could see the household names in the genre incorporating into their live sets. The bass is consistent and crunchy. The components in this tune are a true tribute to Templo’s potential in the scene.

Last but certainly not least, “All About” is a bit more eccentric in comparison to the other tracks. It’s fun but still deep and heavy. The start is quick and the movement of the array of sounds work together flawlessly. Halfway through the fade out goes straight back to unearthly pitches and tones. The drum sequence ending gets slower and caps off this great project perfectly.

It’s exciting to see another top notch bass and downtempo artist being added to the Madison House roster. Enjoy more of his discography full of free downloads through his SoundCloud. We also particularly enjoy his ´Jungle Proof´[free download].

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