Luvian Creates Wonderful “Memories” With New EP

UK based producer Luvian has been carving out a name for himself with a string of remixes in recent months,  and now he brings us his super chilled beats in the form of new EP “Memories”.

Released through Ultra Music, this five-track EP really showcases the diversity and intricacy of his production.

Luvian Memories EP
Luvian Memories EP

Amongst the featured tracks are two vocal features, in the form of lead single “No One” (But You) and “Daygio”. Kyra lends backing vocals to the former, with their swift interplay pushing his music to new heights. “Daygio” featuring Youth is an enchanting yet languid beat that gently moves with each and every melodic addition.

“Forest”, “Through The Night” and “Floating” make up the remainder of the EP, all providing some great instrumentation and quietly serene themes.

Listen to Luvian’s Memories EP below:


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