Luciano and Richie Hawtin Go Back-to-Back For 5 Hours in Ibiza

richie hawtin space ibiza luciano
Photo via Facebook – Richie Hawtin

There is a reason Ibiza is known as the mecca of electronic dance music and this back-to-back set by Luciano and Richie Hawtin are a prime example of why.

While the DJ masters have performed together before, most notably during Richie Hawtin’s weekly Ibiza party, this five hour set is arguably one of their best spontaneous productions yet. A product of the Enter Experience presented by Richie Hawtin, nearly 5 hours of carefully crafted beats take you on a journey from upbeat deep house towards an ominous endeavor as the set progresses towards the end.

Think you got what it takes?

Listen to the full 5 hour back-to-back set of Luciano and Richie Hawtin below.

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