Is Low Steppa’s ‘Disco Banger’ the House Track of the Year?

Following Low Steppa‘s album, Boiling Point, and Pete Tong’s Essential Mix debut, the Birmingham house head keeps pumping the sky high vibes through his Bandcamp collection. Opening the collection is an absolute thriller with triumphant energy, ‘Disco Banger’. Following are 15 more tracks that continue Low Steppa’s affect. In a nutshell, this is music for DJs.

Download Low Steppa’s Bandcamp Collection

Get a feel of Low Steppa’s gripping recent releases ‘Sunshine’ (Armada), ‘Disco Banger’, ‘Heaven’ and more during his infectious set for DVINE Sounds Virtual Festival (Defected Records), then discover more about Low Steppa during our recent interview around, Boiling Point and his path to success.

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