Lose Yourself in the Surreal Sights and Sounds of Costa Rica’s Envision Festival [Aftermovie]

Peer through the jungle to find the wild world of wonder that is Costa Rica’s Envision Festival. Envision Costa Rica is a beacon of light in today’s festival scene, focusing wholeheartedly on today’s best musical artists as well as environmentalism, sustainability, health, and wellness.

Bringing music, education, and rejuvenation together in a single cohesive package – Envision is an all-encompassing experience that perennially lives on in attendees hearts and minds.

With Envision 2015 featuring artists like The Polish Ambassador, Emancipator, Dimond Saints, Random Rab, Lulacruza, and more – it’s easy to see that festival organizers are aiming for a deep connection that goes beyond that of traditional festivals and gatherings.

Nestled at the intersection of the Costa Rican jungle and beaches, Envision provides a meeting of the minds for conscious culture to thrive.

Lose Yourself in the Surreal Sights and Sounds of Costa Rica's Envision Festival [Aftermovie]
Photo – Envision Festival and Jorg Photo – Facebook.
2016’s rendition and the 6th year of Envision Festival is set to hit the sandy shores of Uvita, Costa Rica from Thursday, February 25 through Sunday, February 28, 2016. Tickets for Envision 2016 are on-sale now, and you can purchase your ticket to paradise here.

If you’re looking for a deeper experience, a more transformative experience, then we highly suggest that you look into Costa Rica’s Envision Festival. There’s more to it than what meets the eye, and that’s already breathtaking.

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