Envision Festival Prepares For Another Tropical, Transformational Experience [Video]

envision 2015 lineup
Envision Festival will return to Costa Rica for the 5th consecutive year.

What if there was a place in this world that made us feel completely free?

That place does, indeed, exist and is known as Envision Music Festival.

For four days the transformational music festival will return to the tropical paradise in Costa Rica for a life changing experience. The 5th year celebration will feature music from The Polish Ambassador, Emancipator, Ott, Random Rab, Stickybuds, and more. In addition to soul-touching music, the lineup features performers, teachers, artists and other visionaries that will be conducting workshops throughout the entire weekend.

envision music festival 2015

An integral cog in the wheel of the enlightenment through music, Envision has blossomed from a backyard event into a communal gathering.

Envision is continuing its journey to break down cultural barriers, representing an elevated festival experience of spirit and community.  By bringing people together in the lush landscape of Costa Rica, Envision offers opportunities to celebrate the spirit, heal our bodies and minds, and revitalize our souls. Be a part of a global movement that is destined to shape our global future while experiencing the beauty of the landscape, healing undertones, artistic expression, and the “Pura Vida!” way of life

For more information and to purchase tickets to Envision Festival 2015, check out the official website by clicking here.

If that doesn’t convince you, let the official Envision 2015 trailer below do the trick.