Lift Your Spirits Up With This New Melodic Deep House Track ‘Getaway’

Throughout the summer, many artists feel the urge to produce melodic, deep, and tropical house music. This very kind of buoyant, peppy music is almost like a tradition to be played at many events, festivals and on the radio throughout this time of year.

Anyone could agree upon how tropical, and deep sounds are very soothing to the ears. The level of beats per minute throughout a track has a way to lift our spirits. It could be the instruments, the vocals, or the type of rhythm produced, whatever it is, it’s always calming and fulfilling.

Even though summer is coming near to an end, the summery music and vibes won’t stop.

Selected Tunes, a famed SoundCloud page managed by record label Selected Sounds, publishes house music that all fall in the same category of good summer house music. Recently they released a track by Imad & Wave Wave, featuring vocals from Samia, and topping it off with live instrumental of White Trumpet called, ‘Getaway’.

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This melodic single is so good that within a week it was entered into the global deep house top 10 and gathered over 60k plays on Soundcloud.

Toward the start of the track, you have an accumulation of trumpets converging in together at various levels of melodic rhythm. 30 seconds in, over the piano keys, Samia ventures in with her delicate, soft vocals. Gradually you can hear an acoustic guitar playing out of sight, as it assists with the upbeat build up.

Song Cover via Wave Wave Facebook

Once you hear the drop entering, a solitary trumpet ventures forward to a playful, melodic track altogether. ‘Getaway’ continues to blend fully as it has a bouncy effect putting you in a groovy mood from beginning to the end. Imad who is a young producer based out in Lebanon, teamed up with another house artist, Wave Wave to create such gem.

As Imad previously collaborated with Samia from a single that received lots of recognition also, ‘Memories’, it made perfect sense to include her vocals into the track. Surely, you won’t help to notice the main focal point that makes up the track, which is the instrumental chorus from White Trumpet. His melodic, upbeat sound throughout ‘Getaway’, sets the mood right, and shows that it’ll be a favorite summer jam.

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Bonus Track by Imad featuring Samia, ‘Memories’:

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