Lazy Rich & Hot Mouth Created An EDM Masterpiece

Lazy Rich brings an electro-funk house party that pulls in the masses. For this EDM anthem, ‘BONK!’, he partnered with Hot Mouth and Spinnin Records. Lazy Rich has also collaborated with Porter Robinson, ZEDD and Fatboy Slim to name a few.

Hot Mouth use to go by¬†DJ Jon Pegnato when he first started producing in Los Angeles. After years of hibernation, his new identity awoke to pump out incredible disco infused electro house and other dance floor ready bangers like, ‘BONK!’.

Lazy Rich & Hot Mouth created a masterpiece sculpted with bouncy house samples that will make you hit the ceiling.

Lazy Rich & Hot Mouth "BONK!" Spinnin Records
Lazy Rich & Hot Mouth ‘BONK!’ Spinnin Records

Listen to ‘BONK!’ by Lazy Rich & Hot Mouth below:

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