JOYRYDE Takes Bass House To The Next Level With New Release

It’s becoming exceptionally harder to stand out of the crowd within electronic music. The longer and bigger it becomes, the more that window of uniqueness closes. However, there are still producers out there that are pushing the envelope.

JOYRYDE pushes the limits of bass house on his new track, “Fuel Tank.”

Jonney aka JOYRYDE, via FB
Jonney aka JOYRYDE, via FB

Jonney, or better known as JOYRYDE, simply burst onto the scene within the last six months. His remix of the ever popular, “Feel The Volume” by Jauz, really allowed the spotlight to shine on him.

From there, his take on the growing bass house genre always amazes listeners. He is somehow able to infuse the catchy, groovy aspect of House music with very hard, in your face sounds.

Whatever formula he has is certainly working as he continues to garner attention from both fans and fellow DJs.

"Fuel Tank" by JOYRYDE
“Fuel Tank” by JOYRYDE

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