Jimmy Hennessy Adds Country to Deep House Track by MKJ X Alora & Senii

Have you ever wondered what Country music would sound like as a deep house edm track?

If so, then this is it… well, kind of.

Jimmy Hennessy’s voice gives the track a country-like feel while MKJ X Alora and Senii add a fresh, deep house melodic tune that’s different from anything you’ve ever heard.

With an uplifting and seriously happy beat, you’ll be singing along with Hennessy and whistling to the melody all day long.

This golden gem was released via Tipsy Records (more commonly known as The Tipsy Tortoise), and you’re going to be oh, so thankful for it.

MKJ X Alora & Senii - Travel (feat. Jimmy Hennessy) Free Download
MKJ X Alora & Senii – Travel (feat. Jimmy Hennessy)