JAUZ and Ghastly Combine to Make Magic

The collaboration we have all been waiting for between JAUZ and Ghastly has finally been released as a free download.

“Ghosts N’ Sharks” is the perfect combination of both JAUZ and Ghastly’s unique styles.

JAUZ and Ghastly - Ghosts N' Sharks [Free Download]
JAUZ and Ghastly – Ghosts N’ Sharks [Free Download]

The song begins with a buildup that draws inspiration from old video game soundtracks, which goes hand-in-hand with the cover art. The intro could also be inspired by Deadmau5 where the song name jokingly takes from. This leads into the first drop, a bass house masterpiece that will make anyone move, while the second drop is a brutal dubstep headbanger that demonstrates both artists’s love for the genre.

My favorite easter egg is that the vocal samples that play right before the drops pay homage to their most famous tracks – JAUZ‘s “Feel the Volume” and Ghastly‘s collaboration with Mija, “Crank It”.

Listen to and download Ghosts N’ Sharks below:

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