Japanese Producer Kuroneko Drops Progressive House Single ‘Undress’ [Interview]

Coming from the Far East and landing in the Northwest of the US, the Japanese electronic music producer KURONEKO pushes true dance music vibes.  Rocking an immersive rave helment in respect to his biggest inspirations Deadmau5 and Daft Punk, the mysterious act conducts a deep journey that connects cultures.  Taking notes from Blackgummy, Fisher, Don Diablo and Chromeo, Kuroneko brings us ‘Undress’, out today on Luna Records. 

KURONEKO shares on the message of ‘Undress’, “with this song, I am going to encourage everyone to stop hate & racism, undress their outside shield, undress everything and show who they really are. I want people to undress their equipment and look at who they really are as a whole.”

Making his debut in 2021, Kuroneko’s ‘Do it’ turns up the gas with a piecering sound design.  While you can hear Kurokneko’s Japanese influence with the gamey melody of ‘Fresh’ then hits with a tech house style bass.

You can join KURONEKO every  Thursday 7 PM PST on his Twitch channel, with a show featuring DJ Kim on June 13th.  For now, enjoy our artist discovery interview where we get know awesome Japanese electronic music producers, gain insight about the Japanese music scene and what fuels the mask.

What part of Japan are you from? 

I am from Nagoya. the 3rd largest city in Japan.

Where are you currently located?

Seattle WA, USA.

How is the nightlife in Japan?  What music has really been favored?

Live music venues close super early due to train schedule. Clubs are open late. Japan is still really behind in the music scene. Still band music is popular… Not so much EDM as a main genre. 

Who are some of your favorite Japanese producers?

Tetsuya Komuro, Ryuichi Sakamoto 

What are some of your favorite events and festivals in Japan and the US?

Fuji Rock fest, Ultra Japan

Where did you get your start in music production? 

In Seattle, I went to school to learn film scoring, started learning piano, Playing in bands doing multiple tours.  I started learning music production as a producer on Ableton 3 years ago. Now I’m starting my DJ career. 

Can you tell us a little about the production techniques you used to create ‘Undress’?  

I am blending two elements. Combining japanese video game flavor on the intro, progressive house on chorus, and EDM. 

If you could break any world record, what record would it be? 

EDM hit song sale record as a Japanese EDM artist. since there are no EDM producers/artists like Deadmau5, Daft Punk, Marshmello. 

What are 5 tracks you would likely mix into your set? 

What is your inspiration behind your project?  

I came over to the U.S to pursue music. I was shocked by how different the music culture was.  After experiencing how deep and massive the U.S electronic dance music scene is, I wanted to be the artist who could provide the latest trend music to the Japanese music scene. With a progressive house sound and positive vibes, my mission is to be a bridge person between Japan and the U.S to connect more electronic music fans together.

I believe this type of Japanese EDM sounds can introduce another color to today’s dance music scene.  

I wear my helmet because I don’t want to be judged by the color of my skin.

I wear my helmet because I want to hide my identity to delete racism. 

I wear my helmet because I believe music speaks to people’s hearts.

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