Jai Wolf Announces Kindred Spirits EP With the Release of Single “Like It’s Over”

With the release of his third single “Like It’s Over”, Jai Wolf has announced the release of his first EP Kindred Spirits.

The Kindred Spirits EP will be released next month. The tracklist features previously released tracks “Indian Summer”, “Drive” (featuring Chain Gang of 1974) and “Like It’s Over” (featuring MNDR) and new releases “This Space In My Heart Is For You”, “Gravity” (featuring JMR) and “The World Is Ours”.

Sajeeb, a.k.a Jai Wolf, posted on Twitter stating:

The past two years have been the craziest two years of my life. It feels like my life is moving 100 mph and it’s hard to hit pause sometimes. But when I do, I understand that the reason why I’m here is because of you. The music I write resonates not only in my heart but in yours as well. To understand that connection – a connection felt through melody and rhythm – is so incredibly special. This EP is the pulse I feel every day and it’s a pulse that I know we all share. We are all kindred spirits.

“Like It’s Over” is beautifully heartbreaking with emotional lyrics and Wolf’s signature 80’s-influenced sound

jai wolf like it's over
Like It’s Over by Jai Wolf featuring MNDR

As part of the Kindred Spirits EP announcement, Jai Wolf has released his third single “Like It’s Over”, featuring MNDR. The track continues to follow his signature sound with a heavy 80’s influence and the guest vocals portray the pain behind the song’s emotional message.

The track opens with the repetition of “It’s over” and slowly builds into the synth-focused mid-section of the track. “Like It’s Over” reaches its painful and emotional peak with heart-wrenching lyrics, “Why don’t you hold onto me because I need the closure, hold onto me like it’s over”.

Jai Wolf continues to be a breath of fresh air in the electronic music scene and with the release of this new single, it is expected that the Kindred Spirits EP will be just as refreshing.

The Kindred Spirits EP will be released on November 18th via Mom + Pop.

Listen to “Like It’s Over” below:

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