Many artists opt to channel their artistry within the bounds of “what always works”. Jacob Tillberg, an upcoming act out of Sweden, finds ways to be truly creative.

For Tillberg, diversifying and creating something brand new on each track seem to be most important.

Jacob Tillbert album art

On the darker, bass-heavy banger titled ‘Goes Back’, he creates a glitchy, upbeat party starter. There are also a few surprises within the unique track, including a cool breakdown about a minute in.

Listen to and download ‘Goes Back’ by Jacob Tillberg below:

‘Ghosts’ is a future-house piece. On this track, Jacob incorporates lyrics that are meant to draw on the listener’s emotions. Still, he serves up a catchy melody and a thumping bass-line. Moreover, he successfully pairs these with confident vocals and an anthemic hook.

Listen to and download ‘Ghosts’ by Jacob Tillberg below: 

With the first two tracks considered, hardstyle might not be the next sub-genre you’d expect to find on this shortlist. Tillberg breaks expectations, again, with ‘Lost In Time’. It’s a track filled with the feels, that is definitely reminiscent of happy hardstyle.

Listen to and download ‘Lost In Time’ by Jacob Tillberg below: 

This artist’s ability to span many genres helps him to stand out, and we definitely foresee him making more notable music soon.

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