Interview: Dateless on Launching Jamie Jones’ Paradise Imprint with ‘Geekin’ and Much More

The Chilean-Argentinian, Los Angeles-based producer Dateless was given the honor to launch Jamie JonesParadise imprint with the funky house record that rose to the top of the label’s initial submission stack, ‘Geekin’.

Dateless ‘Geekin’

Ever since Dateless released ‘Pressure’ on KOLME Records, he has become a household name for us and across the world.

His circle of friends is tight and mighty while his track record of leaving dance floors wanting more has given him opportunities to work alongside the best, as you could imagine with releases on Hot Creations, Circus Recordings, HOTTRAX and Dirtybird, among others and performances at major events such as Splash House, EDC Las Vegas, Hard Summer or most recently with the Paradise camp during Miami Music Week.

Dateless at Splash House

It was fun speaking with Dateless (real name: Xaiver) where good memories at Dirtybird Campout, amazing artists to look out for, backstage stories, what Dateless has been “Geekin” out about lately, insight into the new release and much more was shared. Here is the call transcription.

Dateless on the Record


TD: What are you geekin out about these days? Is there any new tech, sound samples or maybe a new toy?

Dateless: That’s a pretty good question. I like that question. That’s actually a hard question just because I mean things are going so well for me currently in my life that it’s like, oh my God, that list is a little too big. That’ll take a while to say. But yeah, I mean, things I’m geeking out about… You know what’s funny is that, you would think with my ability to make the music that I make, you’d think that I’m this tech wizard guy but it’s so hilarious because I’m only good at music because I loved music so much and I saw the capability of how to make it through a computer, so I just got to work and it took a fucking long time to get there, but I’m not that guy that’s like looking for the new gear and all that. 

I kind of thrive by having surrounding myself around these kinds of people, you know? And then it’s like a trade of creativity and tech engineering intelligence and everybody kind of benefits and whatnot. But yeah other than that I’m geeking on the close knit community of friends that are DJs and just people that I’ve met and have let into my life. Yeah, it’s just I’m very grateful for that as well.

I have four cats that honestly, I would die without you know and sometimes believe it or not, my best days are just taking them outside and just leaving my phone in inside and being an animal with them.

You know, just listening to the the birds chirping, feel the wind and just in silence you know.

TD: Heck yeah.  While you are geeking out, do you put some costumes on your cats?

Dateless: Lol, no, I don’t do that. 

TD: So yeah, hanging out with friends, that’s one thing I wanted to talk about. The DJ circle you like hanging out with.  Who’s one of the funnier DJs that you’ve met?

Dateless: I mean OK. Numero uno would have to be Lucati. I mean, I’m sure you guys are aware that that’s my older brother, so  me and him are just those kinds of brothers that like we enter a scenario and you can’t help but just go “what’s the fuck and who the fuck are those guys?” Just because like we’re on that level of comedy over everything, you know? So yeah, definitely would be Lucati. He’s fucking hilarious, dude. He matches my energy pretty well.

And other people recently that I was hanging out with I would just came back from. Well, at Skyline I ran into a Skream and we’re chilling with Lubelski and the Lisbona Sisters, and we all after partied together. That was actually a pretty magical night and I feel like everybody in the circle agreed. 

Dennis Ferrer B2B Skream @ Skyline LA photo credit Keiki-Lani Knudsen

Then fast forward to like last weekend, I had ran into Francisco Allendes, Harry Romero, Jackmaster, Skream, and all of them, I mean all were fucking sweethearts. Every single one. I mean we had the best time. And you know like I accidentally was having so much fun that I kind of went on too much of a bender. I went on a three-day bender because it was just nonstop, just good energy hanging with the best. 

TD: I was with you, man. I went to Skyline too. I wish I would have bumped into you and knew you before then… One artist I wanted to ask you about was, Monoky, since I noticed he has supported your project.  Do you happen to know him at all and have you hung out?

Dateless: him, I know. I know him like very, very little actually. But like, what’s it called? He’s much closer with my brother. But I mean, I know that he’s a funny fuck for sure, you know, without a doubt. I don’t think I’ve met him in person, but I mean, I definitely look forward and also dread the day meeting him haha. 

TD: Lol hopefully that day comes. Anyway, how did you and Jamie Jones meet for the first time?

Dateless: That memory is kind of foggy to me just because, like, he’s such a mystical creature. It’s always been very short and sweet every time I passed by him. I’d have to say my last memory of meeting him was in Orlando. He was DJing at Celine. I walked up to him and just had a nice little conversation with him and then he’s gone. I mean, this guy is just on the move. To be able to have a conversation with him, I mean it seems even near impossible you know.

Just like imagine like how long he’s been in the game, how much RAM in his brain does he have to fucking include new people into his brain, you know like new names. For me, like I got over 10 people that I can take off the top of my head that matter to me. And I’m like, dude, I’m already kind of shaky on like the fucking 10th and 11th haha. I don’t know, I think I’m gonna have to drop somebody here haha 

TD: Lol yeah, fair enough. Just curious about how did this first release on Jamie Jone’s Paradise records get decided, that you would be the one that will be kicking off the label with ‘Geekin’?

Dateless: Yeah, yeah. So basically I did what everybody else would do. Like you send him the record, he has this application that you can send your demos to and he’s one of those legends that like, you can’t believe it, he listens to every single demo. So if you ever want to send the demo to Jamie, he will listen. I mean, that’s how much he loves music. He’s a very special person for sure. 

photo credit Jamie Jones

So I sent the record to him and then he shortlisted it and then eventually emailed me saying, “oh my God, I fucking love this record.” And from then on, the relationship started to solidify.

It was like that moment where I kind of pushed through the barrier and I finally proved myself.

I had planned a trip to Ibiza and all this is happening. I went to Ibiza just to go enjoy and I had never been to Spain and whatnot. And I was just super stoked just knowing while I’m on vacation, I’m like, “oh my God, like this is going to be insane.” Like the whole time he [Jamie] was playing ‘Geekin’ at Amnesia and throughout the after party scene in Ibiza. I’ve been on cloud 9 knowing this information for a very long time.

TD: Well thats worth geeking about. So who’s on the vocals for this track?

Dateless: Yours truly, man. 

TD: Oh nice!  So paint the picture. Is there anywhere in the world, or maybe even a fictitious location where you want to drop this track someday?

Dateless: Oh gosh, great question again. Yeah. Yeah, probably. It would probably have to be either Chile or Argentina, to be honest with you. One of those. I’m part Argentina and I’m part Chilean and ever since I started Dateless, it’s always been my dream to fucking become a headlining DJ over there. I mean I wanted to throw parties there and shit, you know, that would be insane. Most DJ’s always say that when they travel to Argentina, they’re mind blown by the energy that music fans give the artist. It’s bizarre. 

TD: Cool answer, I’m have been a resident of Chile, I have been living there for six years prior to coming to Los Angeles. So maybe we’ll connect the dots.  Hopefully see you out there at least.

Dateless: That’d be great! 

TD: Have you traveled to South America at all?

Dateless:  I’ve spent about a year of my life in South America, about six to seven months in Chile and then yeah like three to five  in Argentina and those are some of my strongest memories that I have in my brain and I believe it’s just because it was just was unmatched for me. The magic I felt, I’m just kind of trying to get back to it.

TD: Yeah, its very magical down there.

Dateless: So what do you know about Chile? Like what place did you live?

TD: Yeah, it was down in the Patagonian region.

Dateless: Wow. No way. I’ve never been there. That sounds insane. What the heck are you doing over there?

TD: I have a family out there.

Dateless: Wow, that’s amazing, dude.

TD: Thanks.

Dateless: Have you ever been to Valparaiso? 

TD: No, its pretty far but I know that’s where the good events are, so some of my friends and I started putting on some electronic events down there because there wasn’t much going on.

Dateless: Awesome. 

TRIPAICURA in Patagonia
TRIPAICURA in Patagonia [Aftermovie]

TD: Anyway, how do you build your archive of records that you use during your sets? Is there like other DJ’s reaching out with their unreleased and recent releases? Where do you buy your tracks?

Dateless: Well, so basically of course I have a network of DJs sending me tracks and a bunch of record labels sending me promos and whatnot. But on top of that, more than anything you got to fucking support the artist, right? So I have no problem buying, buying a shit load of music off of Beatport. I used to just go to Beatport, to be honest with you there’s sometimes where I’m like, “Jueee, I’m spending $260.00 on music today.” But it’s all good in my head. I’m like, are you kidding? I’m going to get my use to that shit.

I know what to do with this music.  

Yeah, so I just go to Beatport. I’m just really good at it, to be honest. I’m good at searching for good music. It’s just, I don’t know. It’s just my nature. 

TD: Cool. So is there any unreleased tracks from you or another artist that you’ve mixed into your set lately?

Dateless: Yeah, yeah, yeah, absolutely. There’s one that I’m super stoked about, still shopping it around. It’s called ‘Plaza de Santana’. I think it’s the first to second track that I made after coming back from Barcelona and my trip in Madrid and whatnot.

I recorded a Flamenco show over there and I used a little bit of the audio to add texture to the record.

And I mean, yeah, it’s definitely another record of where I’m like, yep! I’ve surpassed myself again. This is fucking insane. I mean, I can’t wait to show everybody, but you know how it goes. You got to get it out on a label and all that. But if not, I mean I’ll put it out on Thanks for Sending, no problem.

Dateless in Barcelona, Spain

TD: Cool. So that might be the next one through the pipeline or is there any other collaboration in the works? 

Dateless: Most likely, yeah. And also I’m working on a collaboration with Mene is from Serbia. Or at least he is based there. And to be honest, I mean if I was to ever co-sign an artist, it’d be this guy. His music is just peak time, like peak time! Like proper old school tech house.

The grooviest shit, but with the best energy. I’m very impressed with his work and I’m just stoked to be able to call him a friend now. And we’re working on a track, I sent him this wicked beat and I’m kind of just waiting to hear back. But yeah, very stoked on that. And I have a lot of work ahead of me. I can’t wait to finish it. I believe everyone’s gonna like it.

TD: Cool can’t wait to check that out. So he’s one of maybe one of those low key amazing artists. Is there any other artists that you’ve been mixing into your set that are maybe lesser known or a DJ’s DJ kind of thing?

Dateless: Yeah, you know, there’s actually a lot. There’s a shit load of records that I’m playing that I’ve never heard of that artist before. So there’s a lot of new artists that, but I’m getting to know their name still, you know? I’m on my computer. Let’s circle back to that. I’ll give you some names for sure.

TD: That’s what its about!  Can you share a little bit about the recent release ‘Geekin’? How is this in line with your signature sound or do you have a message that you like to share?

Dateless: Well, with this release, to be honest with you, I feel like I’m one of those artists that their signature sound is to intentionally not have one. I kind of just want the people to tell me what they think I am. It’s all about a vibe for me. It’s all about what I’m vibing to in that time of my life. And then that’s what will inspire what comes out of me, you know?

So with ‘Geekin’, I was like super, kind of lost with the music scene. And to be honest with you, I told myself in my head while I was making these records, I had made like 9 records and ‘Geekin’ was one of those, I told myself that if nothing goes the way I needed to go, I’m probably going to just try something else in life. I just lost inspiration in the house culture and all that. It just started to become not for me. But then I started to pay attention the artist that were doing something amazing and by doing so that made me an even better artist and I’m very grateful for it. So who I was paying attention to at the time were these guys, ANOTR and Toman

I was just so fucking pleased with their production quality and how groovy it was. And I just don’t think people were doing that at the time. They’re innovators of a new sound. And I really love that sound. For example, Anotr’s ‘Vertigo’ where they collabed with an actual bass guitarist that sings. It’s kind of like taking it back to the disco era where an actual band is making dance music. And I just thought that was so refreshing. And that was what inspired the birth of ‘Geekin’. 

TD: Dope, I saw that note on the track description that you were inspired by Toman. So if you could ask him one question, what would it be?

Dateless: Yeah, that’s simple. My question would be, can we be friends?

TD: Lol Cool. So you played at Dirtybird Campout, EDC Las Vegas, EDC Mexico and Las Vegas and other big festivals. You know, those days must be pretty dreamlike, so kind of walk us through that day and how you prepare for the set.  Any preset, post-set rituals or meals, how are you treating yourself that day?

Dateless: Yeah, so no actual preset rituals but there’s always the post-set ritual to enjoy the shit out of the moment, just celebrate what just happened. But yeah, to be honest with you, while that was all happening to me, I wasn’t ready for it to be happening to me. So like I just went through the motions. Then it was kind of just like “fake the funk until you are the funk” and now I’m like 30 years old so I’m experienced and I know what to do. I’m much more confident in what I’m doing. But yeah, I was, believe it or not, I was absolutely scared shitless.


TD: Lol. Well I’m sure you got treated well in all those locations, like Insomniac treats you well with VIP service. Any memorable moments or people that you met at EDC Las Vegas? 

Dateless: Yeah. It’s so hard to consider going to EDC without having that lux pass just because it’s such a big stadium.  You are like 6 beers deep and you’re trying to enjoy, but like, dude, I can’t make it all the way to the other side of the damn arena. And it’s so kush that you can just get a ride with your friend in a golf cart straight there. It’s amazing, not many things like it. 

TD: How about at Dirtybird Campout? I know some shenanigans that go on there. Do you have a good story from the Campout that you’ve been to?

Dateless: My gosh, yeah. I mean, too many stories, too many stories! Dirtybird Campout was amazing. I mean, I haven’t been back in a while, but I mean from what I remember when I went, it was fucking incredible! 

What I’m grateful for is I experienced that Dirtybird when Grillson was alive because, to be honest, Grillson to me, I looked at him as kind of the nucleus of Dirtybird. He wasn’t the DJ, but he’s the friend, he’s the glue. He’s the friend of everyone, you know, he has no skin in the game, but he’s just like, everybody’s really close, boy.

And he was just like he just was a radiant human being. His soul, you just felt it. He was such a good guy. So hanging with him and he’s driving you around Dirtybird Campout, he’s like fucking, “have you heard about renegade with the plane?!” then you’re like “WHAAT?! fucking let’s go” and he’ll take you to all the Renegades. Oh my gosh, Oh my God, yes!

TD: Wonderful.  Ok so, if it’s a self-care day, how do you treat yourself?

Dateless: Yeah, I mean I’d probably be just be making music dude. Like I just smoke a smoke a joint or something. Relax obviously as well, enjoy the day, but I mean, for me, music is a relaxing experience. It’s kind of how I escape life, you know? For me, it’s like meditation because I’m completely focused in that. There’s nothing taking me away from what I’m doing in that moment.

TD: I imagine.  Do you want to circle back and share some of those lesser known, gems of an artist, that you pulled up on your computer?

Dateless: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Let’s see. Seb Zito, he’s incredible. That guy’s wicked. There is this guy I have been playing his record, his name’s Jesse Jacob, also really wicked. Let’s see…

Oh, you know who I recently discovered who I’m like, I always saw the name, but like, I don’t know. I just didn’t pay attention. His name is Mihai Popviciu, I think he’s Romanian. My manager told me to pay attention to him. And I checked him out and I was like, what the hell?! And now I’m looking at one of my playlists that I’m using. I’m like, holy shit, I have a song of his! This guy is a trip, man. He’s fucking good. 

TD: Awesome, thank you for sharing. I really appreciate your time and congratulations on getting that debut release on Paradise! 

Dateless: Thank you so much, it means the world to me. Thank you so much for having me.


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