Adrian Lux Talks Remix Duties With Savage Skulls [Exclusive Interview]

With the support of the mighty Ultra Music behind him, Swedish artist Adrian Lux‘s career is going from strength to strength at the moment. We spoke to him about how he made a recent remix with Savage Skulls, and what else we can expect from him.

Adrian Lux
Adrian Lux

We’re just blasting your remix out at the moment and it’s awesome!


Did you have many issues remixing it?

Nope not at all, it’s so easy when you have a well written song like that to remix! We just put our flavour to it!

Who are you also itching to remix?

I just put out a remix bootleg of Yung Lean’s ‘Yoshi City’. I made it like a year ago but was going to record some vocals on it, and never got around to it so just put it now instead! Otherwise I don’t really know, I’m looking for something new to remix, but maybe more like a melody or a vibe like that.

What was the most difficult part of reworking this track for you? And what was the best part about it?

Hmmmmm, we were sitting in a new studio when we where making it so it took us a day to get used to the sound in there, but no biggie really.

The best part was that it was pretty effortless, it just like kind off wrote itself in the studio. It’s always like that when you make something good, it feels easy like it’s a coloring book – and you just fill in the blanks.

Do you have any advice for producers that are just starting out?

Just spend time making music with your friends, have fun with it, arrange clubs and play everywhere you can: bars, weddings, school parties. Everyone can sing and make music, make stupid, venerable, honest songs and don’t care if people like it or not, as long as your feeling it. If you get that good experience to rely on, treasure it and you hopefully will never have to do anything else for work.

Have you got any other new music coming out soon?

Yes but it’s all secret for now!

What was the craziest moment of 2015?

I was doing a roadtrip with my dad on the west coast in US, that was super awesome! He had never been to the States so it was cool seeing some awesome sights together!

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