Insomniac Unveils EDC Las Vegas 2017 Trailer and New Stage Concepts

As Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas comes inching closer, our imaginations are running wild guessing what will be unveiled for this years’ experience. This June 16th-18th on Las Vegas Motor Speedway in a 360-degree landscape there will be eight monster stage designs, psychedelic parades, mobile musical Art Cars, hundreds of outstanding artists that will cover all genres of electronic music and an endless sea of thrilling carnival rides.

Before we reveal what will be added to the 21st annual EDC Las Vegas, remember the sights and vibes of last year by watching the official trailer.

The message of this six-minute video is beautiful and powerful, “All Are Welcome Here.” Once a year, over 400,000 individuals come together to celebrate positivity and inclusivity in a colorful sanctuary where they can express themselves freely, without judgment.

The EDC Vegas 2017 official trailer is an uplifting look into the spirit of EDC and the accepting community that coexists within it.

The video also illustrates the current state of affairs around the world. Viewers get transported on a heartfelt journey through the unspoken connectivity, hidden beauty, and purpose we find in the places that make us feel most at home.

Two new additions to EDC Vegas 2017 have been leaked.

  1. quantumVALLEY stage: presented by Insominac’s leading trance brand, Dreamstate.
  2. kineticFIELD stage: representing a union of technology and nature by embodying the Greek goddess Gaia.

As each chapter of EDC unfolds in the utopian Las Vegas desert, fans congregate to embrace life, love, and the beauty in each other’s uniquely distinct differences. EDC Las Vegas is a place where All Are Welcome. We look forward to getting lost and finding ourselves with you all in 67 days. Grab your tickets by clicking here.

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