How Hometown Values Have Caused Imagine to Emerge as Atlanta’s Elite EDM Festival

Imagine Music Festival camping
Imagine Music Festival has managed to surpass CounterPoint and TomorrowWorld, despite being an independent music festival.

As Imagine Music Festival 2015 came to an end, festival Co-Founders Glenn and Madeleine Goodhand took to the main stage to address the crowd. Delivering the same message that has remained consistent since starting Atlanta-based Iris Presents in 1996, the pair alluded to massive developments in the coming year.

The number one reason we always do all of this is because of you guys […] And it’s only going to get bigger and better – and bigger, and bigger, and bigger…

Dropping such a massive cliffhanger before the event was even over, the architects behind the hometown event caused imaginations to spin among the 26,000 estimated attendees and those already looking forward to the coming year.

Imagine Festival announces camping
Fans get down in the front row during Imagine Festival 2015.

But how could an independent, inner-city music festival possibly continue to grow?

Even from outside the venue, the answer was easily apparent – Imagine Music Festival isn’t your typical EDM event.

By the time major conglomerates with bottom line-focused goals brought their events to Atlanta, Iris Presents had already been integrated into the fabric of the local culture for more than a decade. With long-established prestige that has seen Iris Presents earn numerous awards – including “Best of Atlanta” in categories spanning Best Local Promoter, Best Weekly Club Night, Best Nightlife Event, Best Dance Music Club, Best After-Hours/Late-Night Spot, and Best of EDM – it was only a matter of time before Imagine Music Festival blossomed from the vision of those who have shaped Atlanta’s dance music scene.

Imagine Festival Camping
Imagine Music Festival is returning bigger than ever.

Entering it’s third year, Imagine Festival is returning bigger than ever.

To accompany the expansion to three days, the festival has announced attendees will have the option to camp in 2016. Given the close-knit, family-oriented vibe of the festival, it seems the only missing component has finally become a reality. Glenn and Madeleine shared

Imagine Festival Camping
Imagine has added camping in addition to expanding to three days in 2016.

Given our unique community and holistic atmosphere, adding camping felt like a natural progression for the festival that could only enhance the friendships made and adventures to be had.

We have always had a vision to bring more than just the best electronic music for the festival.

We wanted to create an all-encompassing 360-degree sensory experience by blending music, circus troupes, performers, dancers, art, workshops, classes and more.

Imagine is a well-rounded presentation of EDM striving for total immersion in the festival experience. The IMF camping element will enrich this experience exponentially and help generate even more beautiful memories.

The mere fact that Imagine more than doubled their attendance from year one to year 2, and has expanded to three days with camping by year 3 shows that organizers have refined the formula for success. A real-life David and Goliath account, Imagine has withstood international rival TomorrowWorld and surpassed local ally CounterPoint in the race for Atlanta’s best EDM festival. The immersive experiences, finely-curated lineup, and commitment to Atlanta’s dance music culture have given fans exactly what they want, and that family-oriented loyalty is why Imagine continues to raise the bar.

Stay tuned for more announcements regarding the new venue, event improvements, and 2016 lineup coming soon. Tickets are now on sale and can be purchased by clicking here.

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  1. Imagine is a legit festival…but their club is full of drugged up underage kids and sketchy dealers waiting to be raided. Opera / Liquified, Kingdom Rave, Tabernacle are the only legit EDM spots. Glenn paid CL to list them in the best of ATL. Love the blog!