Illenium Releases a Blissed Out Melodic House Single

Nick Miller also known as Illenium has done it again by coming out with another powerful single. Over the past couple of days, he has been dropping hints of the new release. He certainly has a way of keeping us on our toes when he announces a date of a new single. After already blowing us away with this year’s newest releases, ‘Fractures’ and ‘Feel Good’, we all knew is that this next one was going to be as good without a doubt.

Illenium and Kerli ‘Sound of Walking Away’

Illenium teams up with vocalist, Kerli to release a heartfelt melodic house single, ‘Sound of Walking Away’.

The powerful lyrics make this track quite moving and a gem for the ears. As it opens slowly with an acoustic sound, Kerli vocals merge perfectly. Just like his last two singles, he starts with a slow tempo, having us anticipate for a glorious drop.

With this new single, Illenium continues to prove that he is not your average melodic house producer.

It is not every artist that can consistently create blissful tracks with emotion keeping us craving for more. Within fifty-five seconds into the track, you cannot help but to start nodding your head as the track reaches its chorus and Illenium aligns the melodic build up thoroughly with Kerli‘s voice.

Listen to ‘Sound of Walking Away’ by Illenium & Kerli below: 

Illenium will be busy this year shining his uplifting tracks across around the world at festivals like Shaky Beats, Sunset Music FestivalFirefly, Electric Forest, Bonnaroo, and Shambhala.

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