III Points and Secret Project Roll Out New Concept with Top Talent

Slowly but surely, live music is finally making its way back into all our lives! With more and more shows returning every week and massive concerts being planned, it’s a great sign for the future. III Points and Secret Project just announced a two-day limited capacity outdoor festival that will take place on April 30th and May 1st. The event is in Miami and will be a very different experience than what fans have come to know from the original III points festival. 

The idea for the project came about because the original III points event was moved to the Fall of 2021. The organizers wanted to do something special for the long-term fans of the festival and decided that a smaller event in the spring was a perfect compromise. The event will feature some top-tier talent like Black Coffee, Eric Prydz, and Green Velvet. In addition to the music, there will also be loads of local art and food to make the event one you won’t want to miss.

Safety is still the number one priority at these events, and the III Points team will be doing all they can to ensure that. Masks will still be required at the event, as well as temperature checks upon entrance. If you purchased a ticket to the original festival in the fall, those tickets will not be valid for this special event, but they can be purchased at a discount. Tickets went on sale on March 23rd, and you can you find them at iiipoints.com. This event is sure to be something special and a big step in the right direction! 



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