How to Use Persuasion to Your Advantage in the Music Industry

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Persuasion is all about getting someone else to do what you want in a healthy way. Whether you’re an up-and-coming young music artist or someone simply looking for a way to add another stream of income, you can utilize persuasion to grow in the music industry.

Read on to learn how to use persuasion to your advantage in the industry and how to grow even further in your career.

Use Optimism and Show What Works

Being optimistic when using persuasion is more likely to work because people generally enjoy the presence of those who bring positive energy to the table. If you’re looking for a new gig or simply want to work harder and get in with big names, you’re going to want to be optimistic.

Be optimistic even when on your own, too. Visualization has been shown to actually yield results. Visualize people saying “yes” to you, and it’ll bring a whole new level of confidence to your next pitch or application.

Always Lead With Confidence, Even if You Don’t Feel It

That leads to our next point, which is that you need to always lead your persuasion with confidence. You can’t convince someone to do something or accept you for something if they don’t believe you’re qualified or confident in your ability.

Confidence can be shown simply through your body language, tone of voice, and your overall amount of eye contact. You want to make eye contact but be friendly and calm. Don’t stare someone down or get too intense.

Believe in your ideas and your potential for the future in where you want to go in the industry. Believing in yourself does make a difference and is apparent in the way you hold yourself and talk. Be confident in the samples and videos you put out to show people your talent.

If you get negative feedback on your music, use it as a learning opportunity, and don’t always take it to heart. People are overly negative online these days, and it doesn’t reflect poorly on you or your career.

Use the DEARMAN Technique From DBT

If you’re specifically trying to persuade someone to give you a promotion or to give you a second chance in something, you can use some skills from DBT, also known as dialectical behavior therapy. The skill has proven effective in convincing someone to give you a chance.

D: Describe- When you first bring up your request, make sure you bring up any fact that both you and the person know is true in the form of a question. For example, you could ask, “you know that promotion you posted on the job boards yesterday?” They have to say yes, so it sets the stage for the conversation.

E: Express- Now, you’ll want to express your interest in whatever it is you’re interested in getting from the person, whether it’s a promotion or simply a spot in a big show. Don’t sugarcoat it or explain why. Just express that you want it.

A: Assert- Now it’s the time to sell yourself. Let them know that you know you’re a good candidate, and let your confidence shine through in the interaction.

R: Reinforce- Reinforce your experience and tell the person what’s in it for them. Try to think of something they’d actually want from the experience. For example, you could offer to work overtime for a few weeks or offer to change your schedule to better fit the company’s needs.

M: Mindful- Be mindful and stay on track. Don’t start arguing or getting into a long discussion. Simply bring the conversation back to the main point if it strays. Remind the person what’s in it for them and that you’re flexible.

A: Appear- If the person says yes to your request, it’s important to show up and do what you said you would do. Doing this builds trust and allows you to have more opportunities in the future.

N: Negotiate- If problems arise, always negotiate to find something that works better for you both. It’s all up to you!

Of course, if someone continues to say no after you’ve tried the above steps, it is best not to push it. Tell them, “I’m going to give you some time to think about what I have offered, and if you do change your mind, I’m available.”

Give People the Option to State Their Opinion

Psychology shows that people are more likely to say yes to a request if they feel they have a say in it. After making your request or working on persuading someone, end it with “and I’d love to know what your opinion is.”

You can even ask for ideas on how they can help you make the position or new option more worthwhile for you both.

Use Affirming and Positive Body Language

When using persuasion, always use positive, confident, and affirming body language. This could include:

  • Nodding your head encouragingly when you hear something you like
  • Leaning toward someone when they talk
  • Eye contact
  • Smiling often (but not too intensely)

These small gestures can make you seem more trustworthy and friendly.

Make Yourself Known

Of course, being part of the music industry is all about who you know at times. That’s why it’s important to market yourself and make connections, even if you’re not getting new opportunities from them right away. Meet people, go to events, and advertise your work as much as possible. Having friends who trust you and confide in you is a great way to get higher in the industry.


If you want to learn more about persuasion and how to use it, check out BetterHelp here: Remember that anything is possible, and anyone can use persuasion.

However, you don’t want to use persuasion in situations where strict personal boundaries have been set. For example, you don’t want to try to persuade someone to collaborate with you if they’re uncomfortable with you. You also want to read the room and understand when you’ve been rejected.

Sometimes, the best option is to accept the outcome and move on to the next best thing!